2nd Online Shopping

I have a project in mind: transferring ALL my pictures from Year 2006 till present (worth over 5GBs) from my work pc to my home pc.

I don't own an external hard disk nor any thumbdrive bigger than 1GB. It took me so long to go and buy it that I decided to do it the convenient way - Buy ONLINE!

Went to GMarket and scoured for the cheapest 4GB one at $21. and 3 days later, it arrived! WOW.

Dubious looking package made of an A4 paper. Not even a proper envelope?

Yellowed bubble wrap

Tadaaaa my handbag thumbdrive.
Paired next to a highlighter for size comparison.

I choose this design especially for the attached cap.
But I still maintain that I don't like shopping online, esp for clothes.

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3 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

hahahahahahahaaha funny packaging! very dubious indeed but lucky you got your stuff and not being cheated for it. hahahahahaha.

Nisa AK said...

that handbag thumbdrive is so cute! I saw one in the shape of a thumb online somewhere, so gerammm but I dun exactly need one rite now :S

Jussaemon said...

Ash - Some more i got $2.55 refund because the sender forgot to register the mail.

Nisa - Yah i saw the thumb too soo eerie! hahaha should put red paint for effect.