My First Office Party

Yesterday, I went to my first office party that's not organised by us.

I wanted to feel... honoured that my mgr was gracious enough to invite me along... but honestly, it was kinda dull. I mean, I don't know anybody really! Because I'm still very very green in the claims picture.

The food looks great but i don't eat most of them probably not being halal and all. It was lunch time and they were serving Breadstick size sandwiches with eggs or tuna or chicken and some French pastries. Roving around were waiters bearing a tray of oysters, salmon, prawn & orange, watermelon with dash of spices/sauce. The presentation was allll very elegent I must say.

The best part of that day, other than being able to get off work is getting to see other people's office! And this one's got a superb view of the river/port! Very clean colours and very open concept. I shaped desks as oppose to my L shaped one.

For the first few minutes, we were talking to my colleague's ex colleague and the host introduced themselves to us. It was interesting to listen but awkward to stand there trying to be invisible.

When our mgr drifted away, me and J decided to explore the office. That's when J decided to talk to two back-end ladies there and talked in their language for the next 90minutes or so. I listened trying to catch a word or two but after awhile, it got very tiring. Thank god I had a few calls (miracle!) to entertain me for a bit.

But don't get me wrong, do invite me again to these functions, please. hahahahha

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