18th Month Development

Tufeil has grown sooo much so fast in the last couple of months, it's so difficult for me to record it properly.

Let's see....

When he was just about to turn 18 months, he suddenly started stringing two words together. Eg: "Mummy baring (lying down)" "Nenek masak (cook)" "Atok tido". Ok on paper it looks great but he has a knack of omitting the first consonant in a 4 syllable-phrase. Kakak Nangis (Sister cries) becomes Kakak Angis. In this case its actually the 3rd syllable's consonant's that's missing. I can't for the life of me remember the actual incident that made me realise this.

But anyways, you guys have really got to hear him talk/babble. He now likes to say "Eh! Bus!" or "Eh! Train!" Sometimes he would even treat us with that cautionary A A AHHH that we always express to him when he's about to do something naughty/dangerous like slapping our face.

He kept watching these Wheels on the Bus cd and has taken to marching or drumming from an overturned pail, konon2 to the beat of the march lah. hehehe

I was surprised to learn that he could climb up the staircase on his own when I took him out for a walk in the neighbourhood. Granted it was only 3 steps up and supported by the side-railing. But this is coming from a baby who not a few weeks ago was reluctant to step down from a small raised platform in our house and opted to crawl or hand-held!

His memory is definitely developing. I read from Babycenter website that we should still play hide and seek to see if they can remember where their favourite toy is. But well, I don't hafta actively play such games to know. For example just last night, I gave him a bowl of Koko Krunch but took it away after he's taken one and put it on my table behind a lot of other stuffs. And he began pointing to it asking for more. Ok maybe this eg is not so good. I can't remember other instances right now.

A couple of his shoes are getting too small for him! Imagine that! I get to shop for him! Weee

I was sooo amused to see him scratch himself last night. He got some insect bites from playing kite in the open field last sunday. Usually, it never bothered him but this time he kept getting at it. Thankfully we have Ustaz Abdurrahman's Itchy Everywhere cream to help ease them. NOte to self: should wear insect repellent next time.

Besides loving to play with his pretend kitchen and baby, he also LOVES his football, basketball, golf balls, u name it! His main action is to THROW. Babycenter said my baby should know how to SORT and BUILD but he can't do no such things. Granted, I didn't really show him how much. Gave up after a couple of times. Just let him play his way lah. Let him explore things on his own. However, he DID manage to pull out two lego blocks which i stuck together.

It's quite difficult to keep his attention when I try to read with him especially library books which he's not familiar with. The distraction of the DVD and phone which he very much prefer over books doesnt help either. However, when things are quiet, like weekend mornings when I try to get a few more winks but he's already awake, he would pull out those books. He especially likes the 100 words picture book courtesy of his Aunty Zihah. He would always turn to the last page with buses and trains and taxi. Over time, I introduce new words even on that one same page. He knows "Uncle Police" now. LOL

If I'm not wrong, he now stands at 84cm and weighs 10.5kg.

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