Movies & Such...

Last Monday i was on half day leave to catch these 2 movies:

1. Date Night

It was swell and sweet and hilarious. Make you feel grateful that your life is normal as normal can get.

2. How to Train your Dragon.

Ash fell asleep. I admit it pales in comparison to Date Night which we watched first. But it was just as exciting for the kid in me. But i hafta say the supposedly menacing Night Fury turned out disappointingly kiddish and mellow at best. It should have been more hideous as opposed to loveable like Lilo & Stitch.

I have also finished watching The Apprentice Season 1 (I know.. im sooo lagging behind), The Amazing Race Season 15 and up to date for Season 16 which last featured Singapore as one of the destination countries.
Both T & I had not been feeling well. He is on medication (as much as it paints me) and been sleeping quite early, so i get to watch a bit more shows. I also figured out a position where i can nurse him both sides while facing my computer screen. Thankfully my mouse is wireless, so i just click from my bed for next episode. teehee. Next: to get a wireless headphone to get more comfortable.

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