Tufeil's Walking & Talking!

6th April 2010 1 yr 10 days old

Today is the day that he officially walks on his own. Mummy reported that the whole afternoon he was walking from our red sofa in front of the tv to the Platform where the seats are.

When i came home, i took this video:

If he got himself in a standing position then he will start walking, otherwise he'll just crawl.

After he saw his Atok, he asked his atok's hands to walk and don wanna let go. So manja!! Pampered.

His vocab has also expanded to:

Tok for Atok and also Nenek

Tatih for walking while holding hands

Truck cos he always look at the rubbish truck every morning. We're at 2nd floor that's why.

Pooh for winnie the pooh cos he's taken to listening to the audio book Winnie d Pooh n the honey Tree courtesy of my then student, kak saria.

If i saw meow, he'd say cat.

He can also say mama but i tink without meaning uet. Just copying after me.

"Nak" for when he wants another helping of food.

Got a few others but cant remember right now.

I still owe another entry for his post bday! The video got error when uploading that's why.

Hang in there!

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5 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Clap clap now T da jalan. Cute kan cam robot2 gitu :)


Anonymous said...

Your baby is precious! So cute...though he doesn't look Pakistani at all. Your genes are stronger than his Paki side.

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

yeay!!! tufeil and the other boys can all walk side by side now!!! hehe...

Ashley said...

Soooo cute! Now I'm waiting for him to make a complete sentence. haha.

Jussaemon said...

LOl @ macam robot. He will also raise his hands as though we're holding it when he walks.

Yah man my genes! I dont think he's gonna have a nice sharp nose!!! But at least he already has long lashes.. well, longer than mine anyways.

Arghhh complete sentences? Wait till he comes up with alllll the questions in the world. Wah Piang eh!