Sick. Again. New words

Damn! I need to blog more often! Its so silent here.

Its bn 5 days since tufeil had started hvg fever. Mum sent to gp n he was prolly on the mend but suddenly d fever was back. His sleep was horrible listening to his phlegm's n seeing how he had to pause nursing, open his mouth to breathe were just heartbreaking.

This time we went to see d paed. I missed my precious salsa class cos he wasnt feeding well too. n we were armed w d mask for him to be nebulized. U know the gas to help vacate those phlegms.

At 1yr 1mth old, He weighed in at 8.9kg and stood at 75.5cm tall! Weee way to go baby! Hope u grow tall n thin. N healthy.

Anyways, Doc said he may hv some kind of ear infection and/or false measles. Like again?? Said if rashes come out n fever still there, tt means trouble.

While he slept much much better, his stools started getting very wet n green. I was worried it might b food poisoning or smtg but mum said it cld b d meds getting rid of his phlegm and by god i hope tt's right. In any case he wasnt crying in pain or anything so i take tt as a good sign.

I had a fear in me that him getting sick so often might hamper his developments. I was imagining he suddenly woke up forgetting how to walk and talk.

So lemme just record down new words he's learnt so i can notice if he's forgotten anything.

Sak for masak means cook.

I find this sooo cute. I mean most babies start w consonants M and B or even P and Y while S usually bcomes ch, Z to J.. The opp applies to T.

More 'S'es:
Tup for tutup meaning close
Charge for anything technological mainly Handphones and computers.

He's started two syllabus words:
Wawer for flower
Nana for banana
Anger for triangle
Kakak = sister
Tuh Tuh as in Turtle

Other sounds:
I say lion n he will roar
I say aeroplane he wld say shhh w arms across the eyes cos tts how i show the plane taking off.
If he sees elephant he will.. Make its sound thanks to Pocoyo. It was really just one time he saw it but left a big impression on him.

MasyaAllah how amazing Allah made children to be.

Oh! Hv i mentioned that T got another haircut?

To match w Atok's style.

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