It's Officially Over.. And Bf-ing Issues

My Period-Free Days, that is.

1.5 weeks ago, i tweeted about thinking i'm ovulating and then suddenly it's here! I wasn't sure at first, cos it was just a speck or two of red, so i prayed zohr anyway. Oh God, I hope I had not caused Your wrath.

It's been a day now, and its still very tiny little with no pain whatsoever, which is just the opposite of my pre-baby periods. I'm hoping it will last till this Friday for my company's Dinner & Dance! Ameen! Cos being a RecClubber, I hafta be there from 12nn - 11pm! *faint*

Ok so.. I was pregnant for 10months... Then confinement 2 months, then up to today a total of 20 months of missed periods. Whoaw...

Now with regards to BreastFeeding...

I had been expressing 3 times a day and got 3.5 bottles while Tufeil drinks 3. and the 0.5 bottle is so irritating in which, if i mix it with another day's supply, Tufeil won't drink it! So to eliminate wastage, I've decided to adjust my pumping times. I'll be skipping the 8.30am slot and push it to just before lunch at 11.30 and another session at 5pm just before leaving work. Which will also mean i dont hafta pump at home with the toddler bugging me to "tatih" (hold his hands to walk).

Formula Milk Samples have also started to arrive. Ok so far only 2 Mamil Gold (Dumex) and Enfa Baby or something MeadJohnsons. While i actually have 8 more packets of frozen eBM, i thought it might be wise to have some samples on hand for emergency. hahah. Well it IS funny, because the actual truth is, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP BF-ing MY BABY!

Ok actually to stop is easy, just change to formula milk and ur supply will dry up. But the issue is actually... How to send Tufeil to sleep WITHOUT nursing him???

There had been two times when he followed mum to a class at mosque and after tossing and turning in mum's lap, he suddenly fell asleep on his own. Well that's a good sign BUT my mum tried the some technic at home just lying around in bed, he won't be fooled! He pointed to his glider in which he sleeps. So naturally, i would think that he'd demand be nursed to sleep... Sighh... Need to read up on this i guess...

Another question is : Do i really want to change to Formula Milk and not Fresh Milk? From what i read, Fresh Milk is not enough for growing babies. I think it said under 2yo. But what some of my friends are doing are SUPPLEMENTING from BM and daily meals with Fresh Milk, so i suppose that is just as good if not better since its cheaper! haha.

So yah.. another food for thought.

Ok gotta go. Got meeting the whole afternoon, so need to clear my work this morning. Ta~

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3 glasses of Juice:

widzgeek said...

Jus, your milk supply masih power nampak! Keep it up. I surely can't get that as much now, even I express twice at work. a full bottle.

Iman does not feed to sleep now. Jarang sekali and he sleeps the whole night. Only at times I'll feed him to sleep if he doesnt want to sleep. Else, he'll wrestle on me when I sleep and he'll sleep too.

Jussaemon said...

I would trade milk supply to Tufeil sleeping thru the night in a heartbeat! like 'Azma said, "Ujian masing2" (Individual challenges).

Nur said...

hehe takleh get both at a time eh? either way je nampaknya....