Tufeil's First Year

Picture taken on 26th mar 2010 complimentary from Dumex @ Cover Looks Studio.

His Personalities:

- The first 8 months he was friendly and will accept to be carried by anybody. Thereafter, he started to get separation anxiety and will only be carried by pple he knows.

- Tufeil started out with great motor skills. He lifted his head even before his 2nd month of life. He started sitting unaided at 5.5month.

- Then, he lagged at crawling but afterwards started walking at the average age of 12months.

- He is not one for rash decisions. LOL. If a ball rolls in front of him, he would wait till it stops before he pursues it.

- He LOVES babies/children

- He does not cry easily when he falls.

- He laughs when we try to talk to him firmly.

- He does not cry when children snatch his toy away. But if you bully him too much, he WILL retaliate.

- While he has sensitive skin, thankfully he did not suffer any adverse effect from BEEF.

That's what i can think of right now...

I wanted to put my own baby picture beside his above... because i really do think that he has MY ROUND EYES, not to mention my round cheeks of course. Seems like he has my nose as well. It doesn't help that he's copying my vigorous nose rubbing technic. But Alhamdulillah, so far it seems that his lashes are already longer than my own! Although its not anywhere near as long as Iman's nor Umar's.

I'm slowly clearing the work piling up - effects from organising the D&D. I might just start to blog regularly again by next week. Nothing particularly interesting happened anyway. Apart from the D&D which was quite catastrophic. *shrug*

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1 glasses of Juice:

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

My dear Tufeil, you're looking absolutely Bumbly!!! :)

Happy First and Now you're moving towards your second! And dear Mummy Jus... :) the period you should be looking out for as he walk himself through the age of Terrible Two! :P