Tufeil's Bday @ East Coast

Sat, 27th mar 2010

I've been wanting to bring Tufeil cycling. What better day to do that than his bday? So to make it a bit livelier, i asked the Simei Cousins and the Japanese Aunty to join.

Mum set out real early at 9am to get this sheltered hut and we spreaded out our canvases, set up the tent which we didnt use at all cos it was sooooooooooo freaking hot! I was armed this time around with Baby's sunblock, hat and sunglasses!

Not quite an ideal place for a baby to be, with the ants and all!! Ergh!

Tufeil & Atok are Inseparable!

Ash & Ben w Tara Ku Cha

Mummy and baby Tara Ku Cha Chas.

3 hours bike rental @ S$13 and i paid for 2. *faint* Ash said at other kiosks, they rent out at 1hr with 1hr free. Cheh!

So we were near the food center and we rode up to the McDonald's part to draw cash and back. My two other companions Ash and Shah cldnt keep up! Said its been a long time since they have anything sporty. and i was the one cycling with baby in front!

It was funny how they were all quite worried whether i could steer the bike properly with baby in front. though i've never done it before, i was quite confident. Maternal instinct, i guess. You would do ANYTHING to protect ur baby and/or do a good job. Its almost impossible to say NO.

At last Sarina came!

At first, she was very shy and reluctant to share. After some time, she warmed up to us.

Most importantly, we went BOWLING afterwards! Altho it was only 1 round but i felt soooo happy. Been wanting to play again since last July at Pasir Ris Chalet but Tufeil was too small. This time around, i walked him in between spares teehee.

Haha ni saper punye birthday ni. Baby ke mak baby?

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