Beef for Tufeil

Failing science at sec 1 n 2 and went for art stream left me clueless what protein is all about. When i googled it, it basically says ur baby needs daily intake of protein which tho is found in breastmilk, shld b introduced in food too.

I searched for high protein and Came to Baby Beef Stew. T hasnt tried beef yet n recipe didnt look too diff.

Recipe says:
1/2 cup cubed n cooked beef
1 peeled potato
1/4 peas
1 peeled carrot
1 stalk celery
1/4 cup macaroni
4 cups water

There was no instruction on how to cook Beef so i had to call mum who was holidaying in msia. Haha she said since im using a stew cut beef, i shld slice it thinly cover w water add grated ginger pre prepared in fridge n a dash of salt. Stew for 15min.

Then mash using some water from the pot. I read that thats where all the nutrients seeped out to. So its a waste if u don use tt water!

So that's taken care of.

In the meantime, i peeled the potatoes n boiled it together w macaroni. Oh i hafta say i have no idea how to measure by cups so i just use my heart n threw in just how much seemed balanced. Teehee

Instructions says to puree or mash. Decided to mash roughly.

Luckily, i still have pureed carrot n celery in the freezer tt tufeil didnt like to Eat on its Own so i melted tt out

At first, i felt guilty for restraining him in the high chair, but Tufeil feels better sitting on it than on the floor cos he Cant see wats gg on.

Hmmm i decided to give it some taste And added cheddar cheese. Time to mix it all together!

The end result!

Tufeil digs it! At first, we had some reservations about beef. Afraid he might habe allergy towards it as his paternal side does. Apparently not since his maternal side ADOREs eating beef. Hehe

So i feel rather accomplished!

I made another chicken dish but its quite similar to the one i
made before so i wont bother writing abt it.

Now that tufeil has 3.5 teeth, hes gerting very fussy abt what he eats. He demands to eat from my plate!!

A few nights ago, i gave him baked beans. Mummy's version is very hot so i sucked the spices out from the bean then fed it to him. He loves it too. I suspect it was quite hot the way his nose turned runny so i stopped n gave him something else from my plate. But that reminds me, i shld start putting him on lentils too.

And last night, i gave him the potatoes in samosas. He lavished a lot of It at first and then started crying after that. Quickly gave him water and then breastmilk to counter the spiciness.

Tufeil... Tufeil... *shake head*

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