Pre-Bday Celebration

26th Mac 2010.

Took leave to spend a day with Tufeil.

We went to bugis Junction.

Lunch @ Swensen's

I bought salmon n mushroom cream base pasta and fed him the salmon with his mashed potato. He can eat, Alhamdulillah. Didnt dare try mushroom tho.

Proceeded to the baby section at BHG. Got him on them kiddy rides. I've been at it so many times. Trying to get him to not fear the er... animals? I know i will regret this one day when he insist on getting a ride when i have no time or coins.

Horsey is very old and jumpy

I think he loves Doraemon too! Weee

Exactly a year and 1 day ago, i was also here satisfying a craving before i got admitted to hosp to be induced. and took a picture with this same big Doraemon shuttle. and today my boy is in there!! Masya'Allah. If i were a bit more soft, i think i could just shed a tear!

He insists on walking!

The rare time he put food into his own mouth.

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