190310 - Vertical Challenge

We formed a group of 5 to tackle 26 floors up.

Our baton this year is a BALLOON!!

When i was climbing up my set of stairs, the balloon and stick disintegrated! I hesitated the next 3 steps then went back down to collect it for fear of getting penalised! As it turned out, it was ok even if the balloon burst, just leave it!!!

Replenishing the Calories just burnt

Muffins from Spice n Chocolat. How nice!!! and some sandwiches. I cld have finished it all but just dont wanna risk being seen greedy as a pig. Bah!

As it turned out, we got 3rd place out of 10 teams!

The real heartbreak was, @2min 44secs, we were only HALF a second behind 2nd team! If only i didnt go and take the fallen balloon. BooHOOHoo... the prize money was divided to $30 each and spent it all on the cab ride home. HAHAHA

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