180310 - SWPH @ United Square

I swear this is my 3rd time writing this entry!!!! *pull hair*

The first two times, i wrote from my iphone app BlogPress, but i guess too many pictures that i took so long to save, then my phone went to screen saver mode and it got lost! ARGHHH BINGITS.

So i've finally uploaded the pictures to my own pc at home. Bcos i've finished two games so i tot i shld better catch up on my blogging before i start another one.


It was a thursday on a school holiday when we met up. Two of us are housewives, one is a teacher. That leaves me to take off from work for this gathering.

We arrived at 10.45am. So early that most of the shops are not even open! so we hung out at McD for bfast, even tho Tufeil and i already ate.

Sameer entertaining the babies.

Then, while waiting for Fara to come, we entertained the kids with kiddy rides.

Just posing on this one are SiddiQ and Sameer

Tufeil clung on tight like a koala on Nisa

Sameer was so nice he offered to share his paid ride with Tufeil.

After some shopping and nursing break for me, we settled down to lunch @ Swensen's which Fara insisted on paying! Thanks babe!

My tomato & mushroom penne.

I wanted to feed some to Tufeil but he was....


He was having fever on and off thru out the day. By the next day, he had full blown cold.

Sameer's and Wusqa's kids meals

amd teir volcano ice cream.

Cldnt stop playing with the dry ice

Nisa's Milo something

My mango + lychee yoghurt.

NICE! but cldnt finish it cos Tufeil only took a few spoonfuls, the poor boy.

Sameer took this photo

Unfortunately, Sue already left for another appointment before we remembered to take a group photo!

And the kids

Not wanting to go our own way back yet, we loitered around some more.

Shaheen Bhaji read to Tufeil while Sameer Bhai teased Uzair.

Actually it was more like the other way around the way Tufeil was squealing louder and fliping the pages excitedly.

The older kids found respite in an electrical store nearby while...

the mummies chit chatted.

After that, i took a nursing break and took the cab home. I guess the rest went back home too.

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