Perth 2009 - Day 01

Tues, 15th Dec 09. (8 3/4 months old)

We woke up at 5.30am and left the house slightly after 6.30am where the MaxiCab was waiting.

Checking in took a SUPER DUPER LONG time. Mainly because we had some problem with the name order for Syifaa's visa. only 20min before take off did we manage to clear and went in. Rushed as hell with no time to go to Terminal 3 for sightseeing.

Checking in took so long, Tufeil fell asleep

That's our plane, Baby.

We took Qantas. It felt weird being served by caucasians. two of the male stewards wore aprons. so adorable! Complete with a slight beer belly. haha. Food was not nice. Lousy Chicken rice with as little rice as they could decently give. HUNGRY!!!!

We were lucky to get a bassinet. no picture cause hp (aka my camera) should be turned off during flight. Ok then there's another weird part: I had to sit beside my Bro-in-law thru out the journey while Kak Ly and Syifaa' sat behind us. I don't even normally talk or make eye contact with him ok. but quite grateful he did cause he helped here n there when i got my hands full.

Tufeil sat quietly in the bassinet while i ate. i gave him a toy and slipped in chunks of Baby Bites biscuits periodically. There was also another baby beside us in the 4-seats middle row. Thank god he was pleasant and mostly quiet.

My nursing tops finally made itself worthwhile cause when push came to shove i was forced to nurse in the open. ie in the plane with nowhere else to hide cause you're buckled in to your seat! haha I didnt even use my long scarf cause Tufeil refused to be covered but i'd like to think i managed to stay decent while feeding him.

2 hours into the flight, i nursed him again and this time he feel asleep and so he slept on my body (cant move him to bassinet, he'll sure wake!) for the next 2 hours. Im grateful he did so i caught an hour nap. but the next hour, my bum went all numb and i can't move so i cldn't enjoy the entertainment system either. In fact, i was even afraid to ask for apple juice till my throat really cldnt take it anymore and i whispered to the attendant. But overall, Tufeil was well behaved. He didn't cry during take off and landing.

You couldn't really see it, but we've arrived in Perth!

Customs and quarantine checks took 1.5hours!!! Almost as long as Hajj clearance! Bah! When we got out, felt like celebrity. A lot of people were waiting outside at the small arrival. From there we took a taxi. We were told that our 3 adults and 2 children group cannot fit in to the normal taxi and had to take the big bus. Just as well cause we had a LOT of luggage!

In the taxi. Hmmm quite like a desert huh.

We first picked up the rental car from Bayswater. A white 1.6l Toyota Corolla. Cab fare: A$63 = about S$78. Car rental for 9days = $500 odd + $300 deposit. Then we went... Home.

Home is my aunty's place in Canning Vale. They are all in Singapore so we had the place to ourselves! It's HUGE!!! Complete with Garage, a swimming pool, garden, conservatory, a study, a TV room, masterbedroom and 3 other bedrooms! Even then, we argued about who got the master bedroom. I said i NEED the attached bath cause i dont wanna hafta wear TUDUNG to take a shower! ergh! But she said the bed is bigger in the master room and they are 3 people. I know i was being selfish but i just decided to bring in the luggage and settled in the room and they then gave in. But as days pass, they all slept in the TV room on the carpetted floor. more space also.

The Conservatory with the pool in the background and garden on the right out of sight.

Tufeil happily cruising everywhere! Nice!

Tufeil playing hide n seek? hahaha

Then, its Dinner time! Out to the City we go. It's 20 odd km away and we patronised the first kebab shop we saw! At Hay St.

Hmmm quiet night.

How come their al fresco dining seems chic-er?

But it was too cold to.

My dinner: Beef/Lamb Pide.

Not enough for me. I got hungry soon after. =(

Tufeil also had his dinner: Heinz Pureed Pear

Got Milk?

Her dinner was the chicken burger but she could hardly bite them much less finish them! haha

Then we walked down to the city center. Because it's the festive period, its all lights abound.

In a small alley towards the center.
i think its Hay St.

Most shops were closed.
It felt like being in a movie. Cool weather complete with background music. Some street performer was playing xmas song on his violin.

Returned home and geared up for our official first day in Perth.

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