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The last day before my 2 week break, i forgot the actual pump unit and took urgent half day to go back and express.

Now, the very day i came back it's the bottle and funnel's turn to be forgotten!! Hmmm i do still have some leave but Ash n i tot that it's not appropriate for me to go off as we're packing and unpacking for the office move. I contemplated buying a new pair from mothercare nearby, also to rent a better unit from a shop at United Square.... In the end, i took a cab, went home popped up for 3 mins and zipped thru town with a damage of $40. Hmmm i suppose that's the cheapest alternative.


Tufeil had his first fever last sun, 6th Dec at 8.5months. We automatically deduced its due to the teething phase.

That Sunday i was home but did nothing much except for sponging him a couple of times and did not turn on the aircon and cover him fully in comforter at night.

When Monday came and i had to go in to the office, Ly said his temperature went up and gave him paracetamol. As a result, he was very cranky at home, didn't drink his milk except for a few sips... preferring Baby Bites and porridge and nodding off at the high chair!

Tuesday he was the same. He refused dinner when i gave him that night. and was yawning away. i wrapped up with another dose of meds and nursed him in bed. he was heady but refused to let me go. and then, like with a snap of a finger, he suddenly got up and wanted to play. Fever's totally gone.


But he's been getting bouts of blocked nose. That's really troublesome since he depends on suckling to get to sleep but he can't bcos he can't breathe when mouth is full and so he can't sleep. I resorted to nose drops, walking to other rooms, turned off the fan totally and letting him play for a few minutes. That took like an hour. And he finally went back to sleep.

Nowadays he would even be in his tummy but still suckle. weird position, i say! Tak tersedak ke?


I looked chubbier than usual in my recent pictures right? Well That's cause i've put on some 2kg at least! At home, i was perpetually hungry. I dont know how to satiate my hunger! I constantly need some sweet chocolatey dessert to feel at ease.

Staying at home didn't help things as i like to nap when T naps. and usually that's like... after lunch! Yikes!

I shall resolve to stick to sandwich lunch when i get back to work after Xmas.


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2 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

I'm honestly quite nervous about pumping when I get back to work.. Maybe I should have a trial run first!

Jussaemon said...

Yeah 'Azma and i always feel afraid if we forget to bring some parts.

The blurrest part is trying to figure out the schedule for the first time.

So Good luck there!