It wasnt Just a Fever....

Friday, 11th Dec 09 (8.5month old)

So im back on leave. In fact, ill be totally alone at home. Ly and family are going away for the weekend with the maid. ASh would practically be working round the clock.

I had noticed some red spots before and wondered if it could be chicken pox but its not really lumpy... so i dismissed it as just another rash episode like he always had.

But Ly advised me to just go to the doctor to get it checked out. Since my swimming date got cancelled and i have nothing else better to do, i tot why not. Before going, i checked in on my Mak Long who lived nearby to ask we could visit. She said yes of course and even picked us up!

Tufeil got his first fever from Sunday for 3 days till Tuesday. That day, i began noticing the spots on his tummy, and then spread on his forehead and at the outer corner of his eyes. He had been cranky waking up at night wailing and wailing. Thurs night, he pooped three times, the last two being water.

Doctor diagnosed it as FALSE measles. Measles tak menjadi gitu. Said the spots should go away in 24hours and prescribed us an oral drop for the itch and local cream.

So $85 (paid thru CDA fund! YAYY) and 1.5hours later, we're at Mak Long's house.

They have a 1.5yo grandchild and the place is like a haven for kids! ok... for kids' mothers, more like. They have flashcards pasted on the wall. One side ENglish, another Arabic alphabets. Their toys are very educational stuffs... like A is a Apple musical toy. I dont know how to explain! And they are also health conscious when it comes to baby food! I like!

Tufeil seemed to enjoy being there. Well, when we came, ARina was asleep so he had the attention to himself. I like the way Mak Long played with him. Teaching him to "give" the toy to her, that sorta thing. I dont know how to entertain kids that way.

There is a low height couch that's just perfect for Tufeil to cruise around. He LOVED the thing and kept standing there.

Perhaps i might just drop him there for a couple of hours on Mon while i do some errands... like PACKING MY LUGGAGE!!! and going to the dentist or catch a movie! *wink*

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