We're sending her back home today due to mutual disagreements.

The family were thinking we could do without any. well, i certainly can't. Not till Tufeil is 2yo at least. In her place, we would engage a S'pore part time helper to come in 2 or 3 times a week help which would cost like $100 a week?

I guess i CAN manage alone with Tufeil. After all, i did survive 3 days ALONE and without maid. BUT i was at home allll day ie not working. I even had time to wash and hang clothes and wash the dishes while he slept or played. However, its the small little things that we need help for like:

Who is going to help heat Tufeil's food, and wash up after when we've got our own hands full with entertaining him?

Who will make my bed after i go to work but Tufeil is still sleeping?

Who will help unpack the groceries after i lugged them back home on my own?

Most importantly, who will help to re-fold Tufeil's clothes in the every-2-weeks-jumbled-up-cos-there-r-too-many-clothes wardrobe?

Can mummy cook alone at home with two grandchildren??

We would then be blamed for not chipping in with housework but the truth is there is just no time. If there is, we would be too tired to do any!

Now it takes close to another SGD700 to bring in a new one. Can i Sacrifice $220 for the initial month so that we can get a new maid pronto? I guess i just have to. sob sob. Bye bye All-in-one PC. I can't afford you anymore even though i've already downgraded my aim to a $999 one.

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3 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

just to let u know..

I'm dying without my maid now la.


Jussaemon said...

Yah quite impossible w baby! Cant imagine how our mothers n grandmothers did it!

We went to agency just now n its super exp!! Even after divided by 4 pax

Anonymous said...

yes it is.. Its cutting into our pockets too. And I'm paying her a lot more cos she has 8 years experience with us and my dad gives her a raise every yr.. So I have to match her salary.

Anyway I'm taking her cos we trust(she's a grandma herself) her even tho its more expensive. Need someone I can trust with baby AND husband cos we're on our own and when I start work I'll be sleeeping in the hospital at least once a week, sigh.