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Wednesday, 2nd Dec (8mths old)

ok Tufeil just finished a crying bout. A second one at that but i shan't write about the first one yet.

Today, i was about to put him down for mid day nap when he suddenly started crying. SOunded like in pain. I noticed some red spots around his neck: mosquito bites! I quickly applied soem aloe vera cream put on socks so that he couldn't scratch the area and then later his hydroderm cream when he didn't stop.

He was still fussing in an irritable something is wrong with my body kinda cry. i tried to nurse him but he won't be pacified even rejected it. he sucked his thumb but not good enough. I gave him teether then ice but only good for a short while.

Thank god Ash was home and helped me carried h im and distracted him. I dont know what worked exactly but after some holy verses, rocking, nursing... he calmed down after about... half an hour?

he started to yawn... and i put him to sleep...

Now im making his lunch while waiting for him to wake up but squeezed in some blogging too!

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2 glasses of Juice:

Nur said...

Iman's having mosquito bites as well! To date around 6-7 bites...

- widz

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

love the pose he is in! I love it when the babies sleep like this.. hehe so cute!! :)