WooHoo! New Premises!

7th Dec 09

So we've started working on our new premise 8 floors above last Monday. We now occupy the whole floor and the whole group occupies 10 floors of this building.

This is what you see at the main entrance

I would have loved to be sitting at the Reception (i'll let u know why later). But now, my work is more technical than general admin/recept duties. Well, sitting at this special place (special to me anyways) includes the responsibility of packing the stationeries and all of the boss's things too. So i'm kinda relieved i dont hafta do THAT!

Turn to the left - a Curvy meeting room.

I've checked the website of our interior designer. Apparently, Curves is their signature feature.
Walk further in - the Atas pple.
This is what you see when you turn right from the Reception

Further right is another meeting room. a more secluded one. I've been given a key to this room so i could pump there! Yay-ness!!!

Further inside.

Now this is the old office. Note the partition

Here not only the partition is lower, it is also half transparent and made of plastic! No magnetic fields either.

The old pantry - Cramped and invaded by files
New pantry.

Hmmm would have liked to have tables but doubt anybody would eat here anyway as we'd prefer our own desks!

Well at least i don't hafta really go out to wash my pump eqpts.

And now... the Reveal..

My old desk.
My new desk
Other angle.

I dont like having my back to people!!!! And now my desk is conjoined to neighbour. Thank god, its my nice colleague anyways.

Others comment it's too bright to work. i say wear sunglasses. hehe But gosh those white cabinets look soo dirty. Can imagine sooty construction worker hands handling them!

In restrospect, we really shouldn't whine so much. All our colleagues from other floors were cooing here and there wowing at the wide space and everything. So much so that one of them said, "Ah Office so nice must work properly ah."

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