Milestones in Past 2 Weeks

So while i had been at home, i got to witness two major achievements:

1. Going back to sitting position from a crawling one. (but he still only does commando crawl)

2. Going up steps. Granted a mini one on the platform. But he went thru it a few times before he mastered it.

Other small accomplisments:

1. He's started to get into a crawling stance (on all fours) when he wake up - crying. This happens every 2 hours for 10 hours. He is still nowhere near to sleeping thru the night. There was one night when he didn't nurse till deep sleep but actually removed himself from it and climbed on top of me for a snuggle and slept. but he's as dependent on suckling to sleep as ever!

2. I've started giving him dinner. And he's taken well into BRown Rice mini star Pasta i bought from Cold Storage. He also ate a thick porridge courtesy of Fara but steadfastly refused his cereal.

3. He is into his Separation Anxiety phase. Will cry when i'm out of sight. But still quite ok with Kak Ly and the maid. Or anyone else provided they know how to engage him and he's all fed and slept. But what a time to! I've been spending the past two weeks with him. God knows how he will be when i return to work full fledged!

Still waiting for his teeth to show but he's definitely and constantly irritated by it.

I have some photos to share. But i will do so next week as all my personal items in the office have been packed for the move! Wow i've seen the new office. it's spaaaaaaaaaaaaaacious.

Till then~!

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