The Past 2 Weeks in Pictures

Just a collection of randon photos and of outings we've had while i was on leave the past two weeks and in Singapore.

Before Ayah and Mummy went to Haj, Ayah managed to help me dismantle Tufeil's cot / play area or whatever i forgot what the name is. But... let's have one last play session

I think Syifaa' was more excited than Tufeil

Sampai baring suma!

Fri, 20th Nov 09
Then we sent the Parents / Grandparents off at the airport

Cucu Kesayangannye. Beloved Grandchild

In the background, Ayah was being interviewed by a TV crew. but it didn't made it to the screen.

I was the designated driver for the ride home as Ly has already gone back to school. It was almost impossible as Tufeil was wailing his heart out in the back despite having been nursed prior to take off. Maybe he still wanted some more but i pulled out! haha

The next day, Ly drove us to Mad Jack at Selegie.

Hoodie T

Mon, 23rd Nov 09
A date with Nan & Son Husainy
We met at Funan for Mc Lunch.

We both fed the boys their lunches

And afterward, promptly fell asleep as we strolled along to UE Square.

T loves this rocking Snail at JWT Kids Gym.

Sorry it's blurry but that's Husainy.

Hai Tufeil. We can do this guided walks at home. Why don't u play with this nice colourful stroller/walker thingy?

Don't want? Ok let's slide then.

He reluctantly climbed up but absolutely refused to crawl down the slope

But he loves ball! Check out the gagging tongue!

Ok i think that's enough for now.

Tufeil napped again while we walked all the way to Plaza Singapura, had a KFC snack after such long walks and headed home. Pat me on my back for we took the train back! T was good thru half the journey. When he started crying, i tried distracting him with toys and iPod first and as a last resort held him while standing. It was manageable, i guess. But i was just afraid if he asks for milk. I'm not confident at nursing publicly.

Tues, 24th Nov 09
Went swimming at Sengkang Sports Complex. Fara came with her brood complete with food! Yayyy Sue couldn't make it and Nisa came for just awhile but her son managed a quick dip! Hey Nisa, u still owe me an mms for my pictures humph!

AFTER the swim. All tired out.

The boys were both scared of the water. and understandable too cos it was just short of freezing! but after sometime i managed to get T to clap the water at the edges. He was contented to just lie there and play. With help from Fara, i managed to get 1 slide down and 2 mini laps (not continuous of course! hah)

Thurs, 26th Nov 09
I guess I got tired of Cafe Galilee and so headed out to Siam Kitchen instead for lunch, just the two of us.

My spread. Includes Kway teow Goreng, Tom Yam Soup, Mango sticky rice, and cracker!

Tufeil's lunch was peach and pasta

I've decided that I'm quite confident to bring Tufeil out alone provided its his lunch time and it requires little travelling. Usually it's just Causeway Point or Civic Centre ie walkable distance. haha
Fri, 27th Nov 09

Syifaa' wearing an abaya complete with long scarf.
Macam nak bernasyid pulak, cuma muka jer masam.

Hehe Tufeil striking a funny pose. NOT.
I didn't bother with traditional outfit for baby.

We spent Hari Raya Haji at my paternal Aunt's place. We planned to walk over. but the weather was quite erratic. First it was sooooo hot and then suddenly it started drizzling. We succumbed to taxi.

There, Tufeil surprised us by extending his arms to Kak Lina's husband and after much rocking, fell asleep, leaving me to eat in peace. Weee

We did walk to the next house. Ly's Mother in Law's.

Tues, 1st Dec 09
Ash took leave to spend the day with us SAHM. haha

We went to Sakura Int'l @ Admiralty Park for lunch. WOW! The place is sooooo nice! Even then Ly said that it used to be much nicer.

Alahhhai, dramaticnye pose!

It was quite frantic for me as Tufeil kept demanding for food too! haha
After that we went to Ikea.

Nursed him in the surau (prayer room)

A Makeshift Baby Gym?

Just Massive place they've got there!
Long shopped for her room. I wanted to buy a table and carpet. But as it turned out, we don't have space in the boot to loot the thing room. There were already TWO STROLLERS!

Tufeil enjoys watching BabyFirst now.

I've successfully assembled that 2-in-1 step walker or whateveryacallit, courtesy to Mama Nan!

Thanks! Tufeil DIGS it!

Sat, 5th Dec 09
Lunch at BBQ Chix @ Orchard Cineleisure after dropping off Ash to work.

The small one sat in high chair, the big one also want.

I remember as a toddler, Syifaa' hated high chairs! LOL

Syifaa' couldn't help but giggle at her favourite Aunty TiTi wearing the Santa hat.

I dont know whyyyy Tufeil LOVESSSS sticking out his tongue!

BLuek at you too! :P

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