Bye Bye Therapist, I Shall Miss You

Tuesday, 29th Dec 09

Another round of Follow up with Physiotherapist for his curled toes condition.

i don't know why i wasn't as nervous as i usually was despite not having done all the exercises required.

As it turned out, he stood well (supported) and he was discharged since the toes will align itself once he starts standing / walking on his own.

Another stern reminder to THROW AWAY THE WALKER even though i told her its mostly stationary cause we took off the wheels and in effect its more like a "gym" or game station or whatever they call it. As long as he is SEATED in it, it will make him walk on tiptoes - which is not what we want.

$11 was paid from Tufeil's CDA account

I'm truly gonna miss going to KK.

Thank you to Mummy and Ayah who took half day from work and brought Tufeil (and Syifaa') to meet me there and then sent us to see another newborn baby Aidil @ Thomson Medical.

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