Thurs 19/3

Felt contractions at 2am. (They like to come in the middle of the night dont they!?) But was not regular but made me feel rather apprehensive for the check up at 11am.

Had to wait about 1hr to do the ultrasound at Antenatal Monitoring Clinic (AMC) Jeez. Luckily, met Fara who was also there for her baby's appointment so 1hr passed by like nothing as we talked and talked. We were very loud though cos first we were shooed by the nurse to go from the waiting area inside, to the one outside and then i noticed some pple glanced back at us irritatingly. Sorry! We were sooo excited to meet and had a lot to talk about! heheheh

Then had to wait 15min to do the heartbeat scan for 30min. By the time I met Doctor Lubna, it was way past 1pm.

Amniotic Fluid 7.7 (Not to get below 5) and Baby's weight is 2.9kg (Good range between 2.5 - 3.5 i think). So Doctor said that she's comfortable to wait for another week AFTER my EDD. And that she won't do the VE on me if i dont want to. I shook my head hard!

She also noticed that Im having irregular contractions and asked if i felt anything. During the scan, NO. I did manage to glance at my chart and understood why Dr Endrina had to ask her colleague on what to do when she saw my chart last week. Last week's chart was VERY Regular BUT i still didnt feel anything. This week's was very random and at varying peaks.

Total cost: $53. not bad at all! I was thinking over $100!

Next Appt is Wed 25th Mar, a day after my EDD and to go thru the same procedures as today's.

We sighed breaths of relieves! INsya'Allah it will mean that we get to go to the family BBQ on Sunday and hopefully even manage to hold off till after Zubair's 2nd major concert on 24th Mar itself!

I did ask him though what if i deliver right DURING his performance???? He said its ok i'll come AFTER the performance, at least i'm still here. Memang nak kena cepuk betul!!! Let's just hope the baby will wait patiently for the papa to come and receive him before it decides to pop out!

The only negative outcome im feeling is the pressure to keep baby's weight down. My mum already commented, "Oh its heavier than Syifaa' when she was born" she was 2.7 or 2.8 like tt. Arghhh I sooo want a light baby. My friend's 3kg baby look soooo tiny and petite and cute. I can't bear to be responsible for his obesity in later life! HUARGHHHHHHH

I know i know... most importantly baby should be healthy... but i just can't help resoluting NOT TO EAT at all!! THAT kinda pressure ok! But alas... im not that strong willed. Just last night i finished the rest of the half of my McFlurry ice cream. LOL

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9 glasses of Juice:

N said...

Bigger baby is good. Less night feeds! :) Keep me posted. Glad to know bb is doing well.

Anonymous said...

Hello... dont mean to scare you but my gynae opined that my c-sect may be due to my baby being too big, hence not allowing me to dilate. And oddly enough, he gained most of his weight in the last few weeks! So yes I'd agree that you should try to keep those meals small :)

Anonymous said...

Salaam Caca,
ultrasound measurements can be off by as much as half a kg.. so dont worry too much abt it :)

Jussaemon said...

hmmm quite contradicting comments... altho i take it "off" can be both ways? less AND More?? lol

Just one last big meal on Sun which should be compensated by walking down the beach 7 times ala Sa'ie. =)

Anonymous said...

Caca, I personally think the baby isn't that big, being 2.9kg at 39 wks. Seriously, don't worry too much abt the weight and not being able to push, though it is true that if the head is too big, he might not be able to pass thru your pelvis. But I've had a friend who pushed out a 4.9kg baby, so you never know these things :)

Enjoy your bbq before the pantang larang all start :)

Red Sky in the Morning said...

:) hi there babe! it's the final stretch! Enjoy yourself to the max and wait for the arrival of the newborn! hehe I'm so excited for you!

Just remember the importance is of your health and safety as well as the baby's. Everything will be fine insyallah! :) Take care!

Jussaemon said...

Thanks babe hug back!!!

Jussaemon said...

Yup i often heard pple gave birth 4kg babies too... just that the precedence in the family is a lightweight so i am under pressure to keep up to standards. Bah.

Nur said...

Heheheh the final hurdle eh.. can't wait to c u join my march club eh... cepat cepat... pas tu leh learn the ropes of motherhood.. hehe