38th Week Check Up

Thurs 12th Mar 09

After waiting for 20 or so min i was told to go and get a 30min CTG scan (to monitor baby's heartbeat). Unfortunately, someone just started on the one and only machine so we had to wait another 25min. So i went to see my dietitian first.

It hurts me to lie (not to mention that it wont do me any good) but when she asked if im still taking all the vits and supplements i just nodded. Truth is i havent been for the past 2 weeks or more! Its really really REALLY difficult to be consistent.

At this last stretch im also finding it EXTREMELY difficult to refuse sugary stuffs. So much so that the dietitian was disappointed to see my increased blood sugar level. It was only because i ate things like Fried Hong Kong noodle, 25% less sugar Granola Bars, a 3 oz Yami Yoghurt and a bite or two of some choc cakes.... *wide grin*

But i find it.... Ridiculous at best, and contradicting at least... when everybody else took their pregnancy as a very good excuse to indulge in SWEET nothings... I, for one, feel extra extra guilty when i consume just a tiny treat even a sip of lemon juice during this pregnancy. And i look forward to AFTER delivery to start hitting on ALL THOSE FOODS I MISS DESPERATELY!!! How ironic!

The only thing positive she could say was that i still maintained my weight at 67.6kg despite all the sinful food.

I had that nice gynae again! Dr Erinda, i believe her name was. She looked at the CTG scan report and commented, "Oh very active baby huh." Thank God! Then she went out with the report then came back saying, "It says here that you've been having some contractions, do u mind if i do a VE?" I winced. She said, "I promise to be very gentle." I relented.

No. I hadnt dilated yet. Thankfully too that I remembered Khairiah's tip to remain relaxed so it wont hurt as much. Actually she said so that the cervix would open quicker when you're not all tensed up but i applied it to this scenario as well and i suppose... it worked! I didnt feel anything afterwards!

The doc frowned too when she saw my latest readings. and stressed the importance of keeping a good diet, otherwise, i might be forced to get induced! Hmmm!

Next appt is exactly a week later on the 19th March, that is, if i still hadnt delivered. I will hafta go for ultrasound scan first to check fetal weight as well as waterbag level. YAYYY!! The best thing also is that i wont hafta rush back to the office after the appt cos by next week, i've started my leave already! Wheeeee

I promise myself to walk around the park after lunch.. say... 3 or 4pm if its not too hot? otherwise at night lah and i will make sure i drag Zubair with me! Haha... oh well who knows i can get contractions anytime anywhere now and shouldn't be left to my own devices!

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6 glasses of Juice:

N said...

Wow, so close to D-day. Do watch your diet.U need to bring your sugar level down in the first month after delivery or you could end up with long term problem.

Have fun in your week before baby arrives.

rruzanna said...

are you sure its only a bite or two of some chocolate cakess? :P

Anonymous said...

Good luck with labor!

nur said...

Hi Jus, i've been reading your blog religiously! How are you? Hope you're cherishing your last few days of being pregnant. Anyway i have something important to ask you, but i dont have your email add, can you email me at the email address i typed in to post this comment. thanks!

Jussaemon said...

Dear Nur... indeed i am.

UNfortunately ur email add doesnt show. u can contact me at

Nur said...

u applied it right. not only for contractions. but whenever u're in labour or need checks that require u to relax, just breathe in and out n jgn let ur muscles tense.