Last Day @ Work

Fri 13/03

The day started with severe body aches. Do i dare to think that it felt like period pain? They were dull aches tho not sharpish kinds that i expect contractions to be. Moreover, it lasted like half the day instead of the few minutes every 15 - 30min. But i was also having backaches... I deduced it might be because of the tight waistband around my pants. heh

I thank god that i managed to train and handover all the pending stuffs to the temp covering me while i'm away. I had high expectations and plans for her to do in those 2 weeks we were together. Alas, it was not meant to be.

While she has some insurance background, she is totally clueless about Excel. and the BULK of my work encompassed 2 or 3 main excel datasheets!!! So... as it turned out 75% of our time were spent showing her how to insert row, do borders, unhide, and all those stuffs on top of the more complicated Validation List, filtering, sorting, and what nots.

She kept saying how nice and patient i am to her when anybody else would have easily become agitated after explaining the 2nd time. Well... im not totally guiltless... i do my ranting in my heart... and thru various smses. I'm no saint, darling.

The poor dear had to keep up to my level of "meticulousness" as she described it herself. While i wouldnt even begin to dream to describe myself and/or my work as meticulous, i DO try to be organised - that's the OCD part of me talking. Like where u save your files... how i dont like too many icons on the desktop, my afflictions to doing things thru shortcuts etc etc.... I told her tho that she doesnt hafta do it my way, but she insisted that she should so the others won't feel... disrupted.

It was nice how Zubair felt very apprehensive about my position being "covered" while i'm away for 3 months. He kept asking me, "You sure its just a temporary arrangement?" My Boss said it himself, "What will we do without you?" on that last day at work while i showed him how to work the fax on the copier all in one thingy majigy. LOL.

Rather, the question is, "Do i wanna go back to the workforce?" ok ok... that's a stupid Qns... of course I HAVE TO! Do i have a choice? Not likely.

It felt super odd saying goodbye. I know its only temporary but i felt a certain sense of loss. Good thing that 2 of the nice ladies were already gone and had said bye temp farewells to them earlier, one guy and the boss have also left for business trips... so there were less pple to say bye to.

When it came to the FC... Suddenly i felt all resentment towards her evaporated with that last handshake. (It helped tho that she asked for my excel help nicely jsut the day before and called me a "Computer Genius") Then she asked, "So you'll be gone for 3 mnths huh? Maybe u wont see me around when u get back. Stressed already lah... everything also the boss dont know" No comment. *wide grin*

Aiseyman! I forgot to choose which hamper i want the company to give me - with the budget of $80, mind.

That night, actually RecClub has a Bowling Tournament. I've been looking forward to this tournament since 6 months ago and was ready to participate! In fact, i actually put my name down for it! hehe Until i got several calls from other concerned colleagues telling me NOT to. Damn! And then 2 of our guys from the dept pulled out at the last min too... So i decided not to go.

Just as well... was feeling very tired from the wholeday body aches and was anxious to get home and start my maternity leave....... *bliss...*

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