Blogging from the Delivery Suite....

I wrote the below excerpt from the delivery suite just after i was told i could walk about within the room. Thought i just posted what i have. I certainly cannot continue writing in such details. As there's so much more to write.


Yesterday 25th MArch 09, we had our weekly check up. Long story short, I was 1cm dilated and overdue by 1 day. THe doc decided that due to my Gestational Diabetes, we shouldn't wait and admit me to be induced immediately. Well i still had a choice of that same night @ 10pm or next day @ 6am or 2pm.

I decided to go in that same night. I figured from most other people's experiences that it'll take some time for the tablet to take effect in starting contractions. So i'd have the night to rest.

So we came home after satisfying my tastebud for Fish & Co @ Bugis, packed my bag and took a 1.5hr nap and were ready to go at 8:45pm. The nurse told me to check in an hour early.

After saying my goodbye to mummy (she was the one who looked rather anxious hehe), me and Zubair were directed to the DElivery Suite Room 2. This is our room private room with attached bathroom and a nice comfy sofa for the husband.

I was told that they would monitor me and baby on the CTG scan for 30min first before the tablet is inserted (note: not taken orally. LOL). and then will monitor me again for 2 hours. That came out to midnight. I was then transferred to the normal ward 32 BEd 4. And took permission from the nurse to go buy something to eat. She asked me where i was going and for how long. Just downstairs for 1hr. She said hmmm ok but just 45min and took down my hp no. So caring! =)

We were told that husbands cannot accompany the wives at any other classes of wards other than the private suite. So Z spent the night at a Relative's Lounge. He was in such a poor state cos his body sorta got a shock when he heard i had to be admitted (haha kidding) and got down with flu. Furthermore, he couldn't sleep at that lounge because some uncle was snoring so loudly! LOL. So finally we just heck care and he came to accompany me. If the nurse asked, we'll say i need him by my side.

I cld hardly sleep a wink. It was 2am by the time i settled into a snooze then was woken up to take a CTG scan for 45min. it was the most uncomfortable 45min ever i felt like crying.

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1 glasses of Juice:

amethyst said...

congratulations sis! may you have a speedy recovery and a wonderful orientation as a new mummy :)