Syifaa' The Little Helper

Mon, 23rd Mar 09

Today Zubair went out early. So i had plenty of time to conjure up the mood to clean the room.

When i took out the vacuum, Syifaa' said she wanted to vacuum too. But of course, that's dangerous so i only let her play with the button to wind in the wire (before plugged in).

Then i took out the mop and she insisted she do the mopping!

Told her to wipe off the white stuffs on the floor
That's some spilt calamine lotion i've been spreading on my thighs religiously twice a day for the itchiness.

She even mopped under the bed!

I repeated my request several time that now it's Caca's turn to mop but she won't hand over the stick to me. I even tried to pretend Baby Elmo was crying in the new stroller that Z bought. She wasn't to be averted. She even proudly called on to her nenek saying, "Nenek, tengok (look)! Syifaa' mop."
All I can say is... Thank god for short attention span.

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