After 38 weeks of Gestation....

... came the drama!

I called up my mum at 4:45pm yesterday, "Mummy, im going to the hospital now."

hehe... i made her shocked / panicked for awhile.

No i wasn't having labour pains... We were just concerned that the baby hasnt been very active ALL day!

Usually i would wake up in discomfort in the middle of the night with his kickings. He would also start jumping around when i hit the shower every morning. Too cold i guess. But yesterday morning. Na da. Zilch. nothing. Zubair came awake esp to ask me if he's been moving bcos he also noticed that the baby wasnt active all night.

I remember the gynae from the last visit said not to take the chances and just go to the hospital to get checked. At first, I gave ourselves time till after lunch... then extended it to after work.

I consulted 'Azma and she told me to try waking up the baby first so i started tickling him. LOL by tickling i mean scratching my tummy gently (its very itchy anyways but cant scratch hard so the skin is very thin round about there). Hmmm well yeah he DID nudge me back but after went back to sleep or... whatever the cause of the silence was.

Hairiah, on the other hand, told me to drink something sweet and then lie down on my side.

Felt a bit guilty with this thought in mind, "Could it be cause i indulged myself in a lot of sweet stuffs the previous night just before bedtime?" Cause i noticed the last time that this happened, i was eating sweet things the night before too. (Maybe ive been having a LOT of sweet stuffs lately. SHHHHHHHHHHH)

Funnily enough, during lunchtime, as we were having "coffee" at Coffee bean (no i dont drink coffee... but ordered a KIDS Sunrise with no whipped cream just as guiltily), a treat from my colleague, He was ALL action and stretches. By the time i reached back to the office, its the silence of the lamb again. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Told Zubair to get ready to go to the hospital.

On the way, 'Azma was very kind to tell me what to expect while i'm there. I only knew that they will strap me to the heartbeat monitoring machine for about 30min to 1hr but she explained to me the 3 possible scenarios that could happen AFTERwards.

1. If everything is well, they will discharge me
2. If not so well meaning there's some contractions or heartbeat is low, then they will transfer me to the normal ward to be admitted.
3. They will perform Vaginal Exam (thereafter known as VE) to see how many cm have i dilated (opened) to judge stage of labour.

(did i get u right, Mah? heh)

You know what happened?! the VERY moment i was asking to lie down and was strapped HE STARTED KICKING vigorously already!!! But i tot it was like a once off and waited listening to the beat myself. There were 2 or 3 times when his heart skipped a beat when he was stretching hard. Hmmmm scary.

at the 30th min or so i heard some nurse said, "Eh the Lizard went away already." HUH?!?!??! LIZARD?!?!?!? in this CLEAN sterile Hospital?!?!?!?!? Yikes!

1hr later, the doc came and showed me the chart. It has both fetal heartbeat as well as MY contractions. No i didnt have any and the heartbeat showed a VERY ACTIVE baby. Yeah yeah when i lie down THEN he started to move!

Zubair was so cute. I didnt get to meet him before i went into this Triage Room to be monitored because he hasnt reached already and men arent allowed in. He asked me to do a video call! heheh unfortunately i think 3G technology is barred in hospitals cos we both can't make video call.

I went out and see the anxious Papa. and reassured him everything's fine and dandy. Paid $32.15 for this 1hr of service. Thank God. I was imagining it could hit over $100!!

The funniest part of the day? Zubair said, "Everytime i wear this white t-shirt, i attract some kind of insects. Just now there was a lizard on my tummy!" ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING!!! So this lizard came from MY, MY husband! LOL *shake head*

And now baby is making up for lost time. He's kicking me harder than ever!

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3 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you're fine! i'm not sure what your gynae told you but from what i know, there's also cause for worry if there is sudden decreased movement for around 6 hours or more.

kalau in general he's not moving so much that's really normal as your amniotic fluid is decreasing by now and baby have less room to move around.

yeah but i suppose its better to be safe than sorry! i read a birth story about a lady who went to hospital at the 38th wk bcos no movement for 6 hrs, and docs found out that the umbilical cord was around the baby's shoulders so they had to do an emergency c-sect. so it pays to be extra careful... glad you're alright alhamdulillah. now take care!

Jussaemon said...

Yeah it was sudden alright.. but thank god he is safe. The doc did gesture about the possibility of getting choked/strangled by the cord but she dared not say it out loud. taboo and all.

yeah better safe than sorry!

Anonymous said...

oops, i meant "ONLY a cause for worry if there is sudden decreased movement for around 6 hours or more."... as in 6 jam straight no movement. hehe.

but yes alhamdulillah better safe than sorry :)