Family BBQ @ Pasir Ris

Sunday 22/3

Ok so i made it to the BBQ. Thank God, Alhamdulillah!

In the car, on the way to Pasir Ris

Syifaa' and her Half Jap Aunty, Baby Sarina.

A newly reunited cousin, Nigel, Half Chinese, Half M'sian.

The Cousins Gerek
Several missing in the picture tho.

Its Durian time!!!

The Tents

The BBQ Pit

The Beach Scene

What u can see across the sea.

Trying to figure out how come we haven't caught any fish yet.

Nah... Its ok!

We found Seashell instead!

We reached there close to 1pm. But the Simei gang and the rest were there from like 9am when it was cool and cloudy. It came close to raining but suddenly after Zohr, the weather took a turn to BLAZING HOT! Yeah we got sunburnt but at least we didnt get drenched, which would have been worse cos there's no shelter nearby.

Its been a longggggg while since we've BBQed at Pasir Ris Park. The normal beach we go to is East Coast. But this extended beach is very nice!! Serene and full of greeneries. Unfortunately, it lacks facilities and shops. Moreover, the carpark is like a good 5min walk away to the BBQ pits and beach!

In 7hours, I ate Nasi Lemak, Otak2, just ONE SLICE of choc cake, Goreng pisang, POpiah otak2, Fried bee hoon, just ONE PIECE of Durian (not tt its my fav anyways) and potato chips. I drank coke light, water and just teeny wee sips of fruit punch.

At one point of time, all the cuzzies went to rent out bicycles. I was soooooooo dead jlos ok! Oh well... wldnt wanna risk the baby's life now would we? Besides, Z would kill me if i ride the bike and injure his baby. Even when i told him that the two new found young cuzzies accidentally slapped my tummy, he got all hot and angry already, "HOw dare they!" he said. LOL his over-protective is nice but out of place lah. Firstly they just tot i was FAT besides, they are KIDS.

I cldnt coax anybody else to go walking with me. So i just savoured the 5min walk x 2 to and fro the carpark. And that was all the exercise i got on that day. Cheh! I tot i'd be strolling along the beach for hours. The irritating Hub gave his classes as an excuse. Yeah yeah whatever.

Loved and savoured the attention i received from the extended family esp Nenek who shared her experience (more than 10 times i dare say!) and some tips.

One MALE Cousin kept gently poking my tummy and saying that it felt like a ball! I was trying to get them to feel the baby's kick alllll day but his movements were very limited and tentative. Until towards the end of the day, we were sitting down quietly and slowly i got Nur to place her hand at two ends of my tummy and finally she felt the slow stretching of his feet! YAYYY Felt like a great achievement getting them to feel it! hehe

Reached home at 9pm all tired but contented. Now baby, you can come out, please.

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Red Sky in the Morning said...

I heard the good news!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!