Tufeil in Pictures - January 2011

Just a few things of what we've been up to:

@ the library.

Like FINALLY Tufeil is interested to touch the interesting textures of touch & feel book. He looked confused when I told him that's straw... cos we use straw to DRINK. ENGLISH and their many meanings!

At least he doesn't throw books around very much now. He loves to interact with other kids, even big kids, and straddle the bench as if riding a horse.

His favourite pasttime at home is also...

to purposely send his various toy vehicles under the bed

So they could have joy in trying to retrieve it back.

Saturday, 15th January 2010.

I had a date with Ma to go and see the new baby Girl in our 11 BFFs group. She lives all the way on the other side of city. My parents were engaged in another appointment so I had to travel there all by myself. So i resolved myself to take the train. I can't take the bus cause I would be bringing the stroller. NO, I can't NOT bring it. Don't wanna carry him if he falls asleep or tired or simply refuses to walk!

So I travelled to Bishan, exchanged at Circle Line to Paya Lebar, then alighted at Tampines. Although I had to change trains twice, its easily 25min FASTER than going down via City Hall.

The first part of the journey was a nightmare! I almost wanted to give up and just take the cab. It was already 11am and he had been awake since 8.30am = NAPTIME! So he was demanding for his milk but I said he cldnt (MALU). He still didn't quite understand that. So I told him instead OK wait till we arrive at Bishan.

At Bishan Circle Line station, there was a corner and I sat down to nurse T. A male officer did walk past to see what we were up to but I was decent, so whatevs! Thankfully T said he's had enough just in time with the train's arrival. I gave him his lunch of Chocolate bread (Roti Nutella), always does the trick. And the rest of the ride was a breeze, Alhamdulillah.

Met Ma at Century Square and took the cab to Yaya's place.

3 boys trying to play together.

It's the first time T actually managed to build with blocks.

It defly is funny when you want them to mingle w friends they won't, but will get curious with complete strangers!

We went for lunch at nearby McDonalds.. it was already 3.30pm by the time we reached Tampines Mall and T still hadn't had his nap!! I was trying to find a good toilet (had to travel to Tampines 1) to change his soiled diaper and by the time I reached there, he already slept. Had to wake him so I had to walk around again back to Tampines Mall and rounded Century Square (macam sa'i) till he fell back to sleep THEN the shopping BEGAN!

I was elated to find BLOOM vanilla smelling lipgloss at SHINS! I've been trying to find this for 6-7 years cause Sasa doesnt carry that brand anymore.

Then felt guilty and bought some new crayons for T at Toys R us.

only THEN did i recall that I actually have $150 CapitaMall vouchers and Tampines Mall is one of them! DAMN! I Soooooo hafta return to Tampines Mall cos I NEED MY M.A.C. powder!!

My parents came just as T woke up and we went home.... Such a blissful saturday...

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