Hear Year

I would have tweeted about it if I had only brought my hp along today.

I've been having an earache since Monday. It was sooo painful I ditched the idea of staying back late in the office. Luckily, I had some ear drops from the last time. The next day, the pain was gone.

However, the next 3 days, my ears just didn't pop back when it got blocked riding down the lift.

By this morning, Thursday the 4th day, I'm getting paranoid. (I secretly think i'm a hypochondriac. Not that I'm a health freak or even health conscious, but my imagination always become active at the slightest ill symptom.)

What if I lost my hearing totally because I went to the doctor too late? I didn't wanna go initially because I just saw her last week and I dont wanna make myself look bad like always falling sick or something... but I think this cannot be ignored anymore!! I mean it was really very scary when I couldn't hear the beep sound signalling the door's been opened. I had to rely on my sight.

The doc explained that my ear drum is inflamed. Possibly from the result of the high fever but no fever today at 36.8 Celcius. When the drum is inflamed, it gets thick and so noise doesnt bounce off making everything sound so muffled. Hell Yeah! And then because its thick and rigid, it is not able to bend from a sudden change of air pressure - that's the lift explained.

So I was prescribed anti-inflammation meds which is exactly the same for the throat. And also something to clear the blockage which is also applicable for nose.

I feel very conscious that I might be talking too loud because I can't hear myself talking!

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