Dec Holiday - Day Nine

Thurs, 23rd Dec 2010.

We were told the night before that there was some confusion in the itinerary. The group that came from Singapore (others were direct from Haj) had an overnight connecting flight from Dubai back to Singapore. This is an oversight from the agency and so... they rewarded us with a night's stay at Holiday Inn Express DUBAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were reminded to pack a sleepwear and the next day's clothes in our hand carries as the other checked-in luggages will NOT be with us in DUBAI!

I WAS LIKE JUMPING FOR JOY!!! A blessing in disguise. What a damn shame that he told us VERY LATE in the Day!!! we could have made arrangements to see friends and/or relatives or even to extend on more day there since it's the weekend and go sightseeing or something!

ANYWAYs, we had to leave our luggages outside our rooms at 7am for the porter to bring them down! And BF was to start at 8am, leave at 9am. That made no sense. If Bfast was to start at 8am, I would only shower at 7am then how to pack my dirty laundry?? GRRR In the end, we did manage to wake up 6.30am and was down for bfast at 7.30am. BTW, Ayah did not come with us as he had some tummy problem! Oopsie. Fortunately, its already at the tail end of the vacation and someone brought along the charcoal pills.

As our flight wasn't until 3pm, we had 1.5hr to kill at the bazaar! Mummy and I carefully watched where we went, lest we got lost since Ayah didn't come with us and opted to rest at the mosque instead. We basically bought more of the socks (finally got the correct one i like!), chocolates, sandbottles, etc... But most importantly...

We FINALLY got that shawarma!! Weeee!!

Strange, the feeling was of pickles and yogurt.

We finished every single Syrian pound. The last one being somebody thrusting a balloon into Tufeil's hands and we had to pay for it!

Early lunch at 11am at a nearby restaurant 5min walk away from the bazaar. I dont know why I was so cranky I didn't bother to take pictures.

Travelled for an hour to Damascus Airport.

Much bigger than the one at Amman, Jordan.

Thanks to this picture, I now realise we were at Terminal 1. haha

Inside, very spacious.

Didn't get to explore any shops though - not that there were many to see, I think.

Lovely signs

Packing the last minute shopping into the luggages.

In the meantime, T played w the balloon and ran ard w the boys.

I notice that at most airports, we had to pass the gates before we can actually check in our luggages. Once inside, we had to wait quite long for the group's luggages to clear. I had the opportunity to sit with Kak Siti - mother of the boys and a girl - and marvelled at how she discplined her children, mentally keeping notes.

Funny, a chinese looking young mother with an infant in her arms approached me looking exasperated and asked something in Arabic. ALAMAK! Fumbled! My spoken Arabic is sketchy at best! But we managed to figure out that she's trying to locate her counter. I didn't know so I tried to get someone to help her. But nobody came and she walked away. I felt so guilty. But can't be helped. I mean I'm a resident there, how could I know. But I certainly can imagine being in her shoes and I'd hate to be in that kinda situation.

It was quite crowded immediately inside after the check-in counters. We went further in to the prayer room. The toilets are very clean and ablution area very nice. Unfortunately the prayer room is quite small - the Ladies' side anyways.
Then we hung around for the next hour or so till our flight was called for boarding.

Abang Harris

Abang Ammar

Queueing up to the gate now.

T had been great all day. But after the gate, he got real cranky kept asking for his milk. I think because it was quite crowded and there wasn't much to distract him with and we had to wait for quite a bit. He was screaming again but I kept my stance that I will only give him the milk ON the plane.

He also smelt like he pooped again. When I checked, eh nothing. Turned out his inner pants got a bit of stain from the last round! so i removed and washed it. That was supposed to be his pyjama for tonight! Luckily he wore a bodysuit so He slept it just that. SORRY!

We didn't get the first row seat where the bassinet usually is, and a 2-person window seat. ALHAMDULILLAH!!! T was more comfortable this way because we could watch the tv easily even during take off and landing (without having to stow it away) and he can sit on the armrest nearest the window when we were having dinner. and 45min to landing, he fell asleep.
It took 2hours to reach Dubai at 10pm.

Luckily he didnt wake when we transferred him to the stroller.

Ayah resting after a turbulent tummy ride.


If I remember correctly, I transitted in Dubai like... 13-14yrs ago otw to London. And the airport was very small, had NOTHING and now it blossomed sooooooo beauuuutifully.

Where's everybody at?

Waiting for the shuttle to Holiday Inn Express

The room!!
Ayah bunk in with us since his rommate already gone to catch the earlier flight. The sofa is folded out to make a bed.

Toilet is sooooo modern.
The shower got some complicate knobs that took a while to figure out. HAHA

Unfortunately, we only settled in at midnight and we had to wake at 6am to do get bf at 7 and die die MUST leave by 7.45am! What a real damn shame we couldn't go sightseeing!!! BOOHOOHOOOO

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2 glasses of Juice:

Nadia said...

So sad that we couldn't meet ... you were merely 20-minutes of drive away from my home :(

Jussaemon said...

20min?? really?? Yah its very very very SUPER SAD! Also, I had no way of contacting you. No computer to email nor do I have your contact no.

When you come by this region, DO let me know!!