Dec Holiday - More Pictures

Just spent some time last night at the main PC to steal some of the pictures from my mum's nokia.

From DAY THREE, these are the pictures at that Imam's house!!

The exterior. They seem only to occupy the second floor.

Door in the middle and the guy's section

Pulling up chairs for the ladies section 1

Ladies section 2 that leads to rooms and kitchen i reckon

From Days 4 & 5 - Dinner and then leaving the Fabulous Larsa Hotel

Just arrived! At the lobby

Yummy cakes for dinner

JElly!! Don't know why Tufeil doesn't like Jelly!!

This is probably something with dates

The next morning...

Bye Bye Larsa Hotel! We shall miss you!

"Tufeil drive!"

At the Ashabul kahfi cave

Tufeil wants to follow the boys climb up.


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2 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

Wow so much to see and read on your long holiday!! Places look charming and food yummy! Tufeil seemed comfortable during the whole time, I guess they boy is all grown up now so can plan more far-away holidays this year!

Jussaemon said...

YAH so many places it was actually very tiring to be on the move a lot and after awhile, everything looked the same to me.

Well I suppose he was not troubled by the change of environment (so long as his susu is with him haha) but besides the Bahtroom Fit, he would get agitated when we are stationary for too long.

ARGHHH I Don't think I can afford a holiday this year since T will hafta pay 75% airfare instead of just 20%. As it is, I'm already dead broke paying for this. HAHAHA