One week on...

...And I still feel spooked.

The first night after the encounter was terrible! I couldn't get any sleep cause I was scared of a recurrence.

I had Dad do the Azan and pray in my room. and he played the Qur'an CD in the living room on continuous playback.

Even then, in my head, I couldn't help replaying Tufeil screaming and saying "Shark (tawa)" over and over again. So much so that I had to sleep with the yellow (flourescent?) light on and the doors open. I told mum not to close her doors either. I even went the additional step of smsing Ash not to close our doors when she come home.

To make it worse still, I had my first day of period too. Great this is just great!

Incidentally, or as a result of the "visit", my computer broke down. There was a Fan Error and it refused to boot up. So I had nothing to accompany me before I sleep save for a book. But I made sure that I closed my book and eyes BEFORE midnight.

Still... I was on guard the whole night... Kept repeating (in my heart) all the Surahs I know, and kept asking Allah Al-Hafiz to protect us from Evil.

I was dreading the time when T wakes up for milk. I really really really hoped he won't see anything again. Thank god he didn't. He woke up at probably 2 and 4am. By which time, I gave up the idea of sleep. More because my bladder was gonna BURST but I didn't dare to go to the loo and leave T alone in the room.

The time just dragged on and on and on... Felt like I had read a ton of pages from my book but only 15min had past. close to 2hours later at 6am did I brave myself to venture outside as I was sure Dad was already up.

Running on just 3hours of intermittent sleep, I went to work.

We slept with the doors open again for the next 3 days. Monday, I started to close it to avoid any kinds of indecent exposure. But I still had the flourescent light (as oppose to the barely visible rainbow lights) on.

It was only last night (Thurs) that I really couldnt take the bright light anymore and turned on the C (rainbow) mode. As it happened, Tufeil was having a giggling fit (He seems to find it funny when I drag him back to me before he reaches the stand fan) and was not anywhere near DreamLand yet.

And then, T's face suddenly changed. I did hear something behind me too. Oh God Oh God I don't wanna turn around but I forced myself too and SHRIEKED my heart out! I saw a BIG CURLY SHADOW that was my own mom!!! Lord she really gave me a heart attack!!!

I don't know how much longer I'm gonna continue feeling fearful. It sucks. I hate sleeping in bright lights but I can't without it.

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4 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

imagination running wild!! i used to get that kind of fear after watching or reading or listening to ghost stories. Now not so much cuz i've learnt that fear doesnt serve much purpose. Or maybe cuz i've been completely avoiding ghost stories! heheh

Sandra said...

Probably was just a spirit passing though and is gone now. No worries! Prayers for you to sleep better tonight...

Jussaemon said...

Nisa, I didn't have this fear problem before until now. I also avoid ghost stories.. maybe except Charmed and Twilight. hahah

Jussaemon said...

Sandra, Thanks for your prayers.

I had a nightmare though last night. I dreamt I got lost in the woods and then came back to a hotel room only to find that there was another baby but he looked evil.

I said the prayer to ward off evil and then I could feel all my hair standing up even in real life! GOSH. I was just thankful that it was me and not T who had the bad dream.

Or maybe he DID had a nightmare too cause he woke up at 4.45am and sat up insisting on his iPod. Something he doesn't normally do.