Dec Holiday - Day Ten

Fri, 24th Dec 2010

We woke up extremely late!! we had a lil under an hour to get ready and eat BF! AIYOOO!!!

The Spread
Although the dining room is very elegant, I was disappointed not to see any sausages. hahaha

But they have high chair! This is a first throughout the entire trip!
No meat =( but CocoPops my FAVOURITE!!


Hotel Entrance. See my shadow haha

We can SEE the airport but its about 5-10min drive away.

It wasn't cold at all the night we reached there. In the morning it was slightly crispy but nothing like Amman or Damascus.

I was a bit nervous at the prospect of an 8hour flight. But Alhamdulillah we had 3 seats together by the window and not the front row. Plane food was great, we ate Mum's as usual. Tufeil was entertained by Cars the movie, he slept twice for 2 hours each. I wanted to watch something as well while T was asleep, but couldn't stay interested in any of the listed movies!! I started to watch The Killers (Ashton Kutcher) but I kept nodding off I gave him after an hour. What a shame! What a shame!!

Nonetheless, I'm very grateful that T was very well behaved in the plane. It helped that we had Hannah sitting in front of us and Banana in the fruit trolley.

Reached Singapore 9pm. Syifaa' and family came to pick us up. We had dinner at Burger King first as we were famished. Thank God all 3 luggages managed to fit into the trunk. Just before moving off, discovered T pooped and got some stains! LOL the last time we came back from Perth, his pee overflowed all over my clothes! So me and Mum went to wash and change him. It was very difficult with no jet spray in the cubicle, we had to wash him in the sink. Made us quickly realise how much better the toilet experience the past 10 days had been.

Felt great to be home! But browsing through the photos, and writing the blog entries made me feel wistfully sentimental. Although most of the time there, I was super tired of the travelling in the bus for hours and scared of the next surprise coming, fearful of T's tantrum / comfort level, and generally being out of my comfort zone, in restrospect, it was a truly nice experience seeing NEW places and getting to know NEW people. Truly a Breath of FRESH air.

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4 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Departing - BK

Arriving - BK.


Jussaemon said...

There are not many other options available at T1! Popeye's closed for construction. Polar just snacks... And by that time the cafeteria's closed. :P

The 6 of Us said...

You coped really well with T overall during the holiday, well done!

Jussaemon said...

Er.... thanks.. But really I depended heavily on my parents to help.