Spooky Encounter

It was almost 1am when i finished watching Hell's Kitchen and wanted to turn in. Tufeil came awake and happily asking if he can take his toy van. I said its asleep now, we giggled and went back to sleep.

2.15am, i felt he was still nursing but suddenly he startled, sat up and shrieked! I jumped awake and heard his fear in his screams. To make matters worse, he was pointing at something behind me and crying now. Of course i didnt look.

It took me two auzubillah before i could gather my wits and read the ayat kursi. The first one didnt work. So i read again and again and louder and more determined until T calmed down. He calmed down enough to say "shark (ke)tawa" shark is laughing. I tried not to imagine what it looks like and failed. My hair stood. But im not sure if its bcos i imagined it or bcos it really was there.

T continued crying and saying "nak keluar sini" but tt is his common dialogue so i knew things were somewhat ok now.

I ran to my mum's room. When i told her this story she felt her hair stood too and again when we past by my room to go to the kitchen. Each time i was still reading the ayat kursi aloud.

Well it could also be his fever was too high 39deg celcius he was hallucinating. We gave him meds and sponged him to sleep. Mum slept w usfor the remainder of the night. After that one hour's sleep, i only caught another 2 intermittent ones before my own dry throat woke me up coughing.

I wondered how would i have handled this if i werent still living w my parents?? Worse if i had weaned T off BM??

One thing's for sure, I wldnt wanna experience it albeit vicariously again. Thanks.

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