Wana's in Town!

Fri, 4th June 10.

I took leave to meet with Wana who's in town from KHI and the rest of the SWPH.

Initially we wanted to meet at my house and i wanted to make Keema Malay version. But Wana was not feeling well, so we switched to her place instead so she doesnt hafta go out. Just as well. Cos i took leave and get to go out! Wheee

PotLuck consisted of:

Mochi (Jap) and Muah Chee (Chinese) courtesy of Nisa the Paki

I totally dig the muah chee but unfortunately im not a huge fan of red bean. *sheepish grin*

I brought Roti John

Also unfortunately, Mummy made them. I know how to but i was trying to get T down for a nap before we go out.

Wana's specialty: Curry puffs =)

LOL we wanted to meet at 12. At 1:10pm then i left. I took the cab but i was still 45min earlier that the next one to arrive. Tufeil even managed to fall asleep first. But it was raining something fierce with thunder and all so not 30min later, he woke up already.

He just started having cough that day and was very clingy to me. But after awhile, he started playing:

Some soccer thingy he also kepo wanted to press press.

The circle is not some effect i photoshopped but actually my casing came off slightly obscuring the camera lens a bit. HAH

Now This is a shocking pose!

Tufeil has NEVER climbed onto somebody else's lap! Well somebody other than family members under one roof anyways.

At the end of the day: a Group Photo

Honestly, when i first stepped into her house, i was totally thrown aback by her voice. Not that anything was wrong with it, just that i had never associated any sound to her picture. LOL. I've only ever talked to her once on the phone when she called me from Pak at the hosp just after I gave birth.

Wana did not bring a lot of cloth materials this year, but instead several diff kinds of instant food packets and some Guys kurtas. Fara was the big spender of the day buying, i dont know 4 - 5 of them?

We went home after 6pm! Fortunately for me, Nisa's husband picked her up and she said they could give me a ride home too. Save my cab fare plus 35% surcharge. Thank you Mr & Mrs Sheikh.

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