Airport "Garden"

Sunday, 6th June 10.

Mum said she saw a friend of hers took a picture of a new "Garden" at the airport. So we all went in search of this garden at Terminal 2.

Turned out its just a small arrangement display of flowers like they always have. Poor mummy.

But it was a good excuse for us to go out anyways. Was soooo bored at home!

It was Day 3 of Tufeil's bout of flu and he wasn't eating well. But he sure likes his baby biscuit.

Then, we loitered around at the Viewing Mall. Hey! It's been ages since i last been here and it's sooooo nice and cozy now! Carpetted and everything. But i still hate the obscured vision due to the extension of the level below so its even farther now to see out and it's now a just 1/3 of the length it used to be. Shame, really.

What are you pointing at, my baby?

The ladder thingy?

Oh the Airplane! (Yup he can say Airplane)

And he was saying Truck Truck at this wall painting. OKlah can lah. Hehe

We walked back to Terminal 3 where we parked our car thru the MRT bridge ie not taking the skytrain. It was nice to "exercise" and Tufeil likes to sleep while i worked the stroller.

Before going home, we got something from Popeye's. That was when i almost exploded in sheer frustration!

See, there were 3 counters open. All with at least 10 persons in line. So i just took the nearest one to me. But it seemed that this counter was sooooooooooooooooooo extremely slow! After 15min of waiting, i was still like the 6th person! Other people who came after me at the other counters already got their food.

After Mummy came to join me in the queue, i thought enough was enough and approached the Manager. he was pouring gravy into mashed potatoes. I asked, "Are you the Manager?" Yes, he said. "Can you get somebody to help this counter?! Because i've been waiting for so long but i'm still so far away!" At this stage, i was shivering and stuttering in anger. He simply said ok and got a girl who was helping another counter to assist ours.

And then Mummy heard that the 3 teenagers in front of us sniggered at me, "She just came and already complain complain". They were prolly being defensive because they were 3 of them and ordered separately and hogged the queue. But No, really the server was too damn slow and working alone.

After the assistant came, it was a real breeeeze. When it was my turn, i didnt take out my anger at her as she would have expected. Then when i left, i sensed people next in line behind me looking and mentally thanking me. LOL

I felt good afterwards at having asserted myself. Not an easy feat for normally timid me. So there.

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