Woodlands WaterFront & Singgah Selalu

Sunday, 30th May 2010.

Wah today was a Jalan-jalan day.

In the morning, we went for Breakfast at KFC then visited Tufeil's Great Grandmother. Unfortunately, didn't get to snap pictures. Then we went home for a 2hr nap.

At 6pm, we went out again to see the newly opened Woodlands WaterFront.

Tufeil's outfit for this evening.

That's Malaysia across the sea

An L-Shaped Jetty.

The park looks new and clean.

Me & Mummy

Tufeil wants to fish?

We took so long walking up and down the Jetty, we didn't have enough time to explore the playground. But i saw a Hanging wood & rope bridge, so i deduce its very much for bigger kids anyways.

So off we went across the Causeway for dinner @ Singgah Selalu. Mummy checked my passport and the last time i went to JB was in Aug last year! Even Tufeil has been there twice before this year alone! Cheh.

Getting ready to Eat!

High chair has no buckle so all night i had to rest my left hand in front of Tufeil.

Appetiser: Otak2!

It's been a long time i had Otak2 even though Woodlands has a night bazaar every other month cos it's wayyy too expensive at 5 for $2, i think? These 10 pcs here cost just RM5 about S$2 - $2.50.

Mummy got what she's been craving for.
Ice Kacang without milk.

My Nasi Goreng Daging Merah (Meat w Red Sauce)

Mummy's Cantonese Noodles.
No difference than Mee Hong Kong i felt. Just saltIER.

Oh YUMMY my Bandung + Grass Jelly drink.

Ayah's Bubur Kampung.

Tufeil was supposed to eat this porridge for dinner. But resisted it so much so i fed him my fried rice instead without the hot sauce of course. Then when he saw me have spoonfuls of the Noodle, he wanted some too. LOL *shake head* Tufeil... Tufeil...

Dessert: Pancakes + Choc Ice cream. Not nice.

As usual, after awhile, Tufeil got restless. Even the food didn't hold anymore charm. So Ayah came to the rescue:

Kid's Corner

Hmmm... It seemed like it hadn't been clean in a very long while, though! Not to mention the peeling "wallpaper". *Shudder*


So our Vesak Day Long Weekend was yet another fulfilling one.

On Friday we didn't go out but rested at home.

And on saturday, me and Tufeil went out for lunch @ Cafe Galilee at the library. then went out with my parents again at night for dinner @ East Coast.

As a result, Tufeil slept really well at 10.30pm. Giving me at least 2 hours of own time before he woke up again. I want to try this theory on Weekdays too but it's too tiring to entertain him till 10pm and it also depends on what time he woke up from his last nap which varies from 2 - 5pm! Wah piang ey

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2 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

must add the Waterfront in the to go places for Sameer this holiday!

Jussaemon said...

Errrr... There's nothing much actually unless he wants to fish but even then noone caught anything much~ better just go swimming pool. *hint hint*