Career Crossroad

Honestly, I dont see myself in this industry for long.

You see, i'm handling two processing portfolios: Underwriting (premium collection stuffs) and Claims.

The top of the career for the former is to become an underwriter yourself, that is to get the business, get clients through brokers, etc. That requires a lot of entertaining, and I'm definitely not into that wine & dining business.

The latter is quite the opposite. Entertainment almost equals to some sort of unethical favours. BUT claimant will usually hound you for urgent surveys, immediate payment, curse you up and down if anything is inaccurate. I doubt very much my gentle soul can take such a beating.

But wouldn't it be a waste of my 7 years experience in this industry? Thena gain I'm still young and maybe it's still not too late to switch. I've always wanted to do accounting but never did cos Ash is already one and i thought it wouldn't do for my parents to have two daughters of the same profession. Me & my stupid "balanced" theories. Also, will the Entry level match my current salary?

And then there are times when i feel very much like a Jack of All Trade but a Master of NONE! I used to be very good in Malay Language in Sec 1 and 2 and decided i wanted to be a translator. Suddenly in Sec 3 and 4 i aced my maths and definitely wanted to do a number job. Got rather tired of words and letters.

I continued feeling confident about numbers until this year when the seed of doubt was planted into me by all the confusing additions and substractions. Who take how much from who? Then give to who what? It was never clear to me in the very beginning. I had hoped that some courses would enlighten me on that, but to no avail as each accounts vary from case to case. Surely there is some sort of Framework to base on, right? I thought. But I still cannot find the answer.

"So what am i really good at?" I asked myself. Words. Or Numbers?

What do I do with regards to my career? Stay and get bored and dull? What else is out there? I have no clue. Is there a career consultant anywhere?

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2 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

Lolz @ "i thought it wouldn't do for my parents to have two daughters of the same profession".
go for accounting babe! If i had an inkling of interest in numbers i wud go into accounting

Jussaemon said...

I MAY just decide to babe, but i want to wait for my bonus Apr next yr! HUARGHHH