My Weekend

A colleague just asked me how was my weekend. And i had to admit, it was mighty BORING!

Let's see...

Sat 19th Jun

I got a Rainbow salesman over to my place and i bought this "medical device". Will blog more about this when the thing comes.

Now a bit of excitement: my parents sent me to 'Ainul's place to see her newborn! Picked up Nan on the way.

Baby Aqil Naufal born on 10th June 2010.

Cantik or what the birthdate. PLUS my sis named him World Cup Baby.

The Host entertaining his guest

Playing with Guest No 2

Surprisingly, Tufeil was very well behaved. Usually he's clingy but that day he was happy to explore the toys and walk around on his own. In between mouthfuls of Puteri Salat.

Back home by 6.30pm. Then Parents went to class and i was stuck at home alone. By 8pm, I sent Tufeil to bed.

Sun, 20th Jun

I had a dental appointment at 11.30am, went grocery shopping and then i was stuck at home again alone. Thankfully Tufeil had an extra long nap from 12nn - 3pm. Managed to finish my Megaplex Madness game.

When he woke up, fed him carrot cake and that was my lunch too, gave him a quick shower and we joked around for a bit on the bed... and then i really had no more idea, much less energy, what to do.

So i ended up lying on the sofa in front of the TV, and T nursed while he watched cartoons lying ON TOP of me. And i tido tido ayam (caught a wink) for a bit.

Parents came home just before maghrib. But by then we were busy settling into sleep: ie dinner, shower/change diaper, nursing. T was down by 8.30pm.

How more mundane can my life be? HELP!!!! I need something exciting to spice up my life.

I especially fear being home alone with a toddler. Im not confident in taking him out on my own lest he cries in train and demands to be carried or worse, NURSED! The most i can do is Causeway Point and Civic centre which are within walking distance. hahaha

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2 glasses of Juice:

Farhan said...

Maybe u can practice with feeding under a nursing shawl or something?

Guess i cope cos I cary Hana in a sarong. I even bought a hadphone while standing up breastfeeding that day, its hard to cope otherwise!

How do u manage with not feeding in public?? Its impossible to go out isn't it cos breastfed babies just love to feed!

ps, for ur baby hummus post previously, tahini actually tastes like peanut butter, its a paste of sesame seeds. u can try substituting peanut butter if tufeil isnt allergic next time. sesame oil has a different taste i think..

Jussaemon said...

Er... i think its too late for nursing shawl. Im even thinking of weaning him.

Good for you! I cldnt get used to the sarong PLUS T is a March baby and it was supremely HOT at tt time so i gave it up.

I guess i managed by rushing to the BFing rooms, or in the car or the art of distraction or shoving food instead. hehehe But in MRT, no such refuge since eating is frowned upon and distraction can last for only so long.

I gave up on Hummus. Tufeil wouldn't take to the store bought one either so i think i wont bother cooking it myself. Bah.