I was sooo astonished yesterday when i realised that after paying all my monthly bills, i am left with less than $400 for food for the rest of the month! *FAINT*

So i swear to myself that i shall allocate only $10 of spending a day which is to cover for Bfast, Lunch, Dinner. Meaning to say that if mummy doesn't pack Bfast for me or cook dinner, i shall starve. BUT if i managed to spend less on one day, i can bring forward the balance to the next day to have a bigger lunch or even shop for Tufeil. And me. *BEAM*

And i'm proud to say that i only spent $3 yesterday on lunch ($1 Indian Karipap + 3 for $2 pastries). Looks like its Amoy St for me for the next 4 weeks.

Now, what exactly did i spend my money on????

  1. Mummy = $***
  2. Starhub Mobile = $72
  3. AIA Ins (mine)= $57.26
  4. Prudential (Mine)= $93.95
  5. Manulife (Tufeil's)= $100
  6. TCC Edu Loan = $211
  7. Citibank = $200
  8. Diners = $100
  9. Standchart = $150

Ahhhhhh That's it. Standchart is where I OVERSPENT. Hmm i paid in FULL when its not even DUE yet. cos i dont wanna pay no interest. So there's some virtue in that. hahahahaha Anyway i spent it on my mum so that's well-intentioned and totally forgiveable if not commendable. Right? Please, i'm trying to justify my shopping.

What to do next, to curb my spending?

  1. Call Citibank to waive annual fee
  2. Call UOB to waive late payment charges amounting to $160. (I TOTALLY FORGOT about this CashPlus account bcos its NOT a Credit card)
  3. Cancel my plan for a NEW phone. Guess i hafta live with typo ERRORS. and that means YOU hafta decipher my text / msn messages yourselves!
  4. I NEED TO COLLECT $90 from a certain jerk! If you're reading this: PAY UP OR ELSE I SHALL GET YOU EVICTED! (Look up what that means, SOB) I'm TOTALLY DONE BEING NICE TO YOU.

There's a big disadvantage that my variable bonus falls on April each year. It used to be July and it'd be cun cun (nicely paced) 6 months after the last bonus. Now between April - Dec, there's no EXTRA funds coming in...

OH! But thank god for GST money! Unfortunately or fortunately, that's already allocated for Batam Day!

Really, i didn't use to be such a spendthrift! What happened to me???

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2 glasses of Juice:

Fara said...

Jules, can they waived late payments??

Jussaemon said...

According to the UOB personnel, they are only able to waive 2 late payment charges on your account. But you need to make a min payment first and then call in to request for it. You don't even hafta get thru to a live person, there's an automated option on the phone, they will ask for your account no and i think handphone.