Tufeil's Refusing eBM

Ever since that time when he got sick then i got sick and only worked 1 day in a week, Tufeil has been refusing most of his eBM. This was some 2 weeks ago.

The week after that, he went out with his cousin a lot during the day so we didn't really worry about the much decreased milk intake. But last week, it got really worrying. He pushed away his bottles vehemently.

I suggested for Mum to use the Fast Flow teat i bought or maybe try FM. But mum said that he cant even look at the bottle. So maybe give in a cup? Nah, mum said, she's terrified (geli?) of milk.

So i tried to google some answers. It was difficult to find the same scenario online. Mostly the babies are <12months whereas Tufeil is 15months now. What i've found quite applicable are:

  1. Change bottle / teats to the most natural one
  2. Change to SIPPY CUP. Big boys dont drink from bottle anymore <<-- but i hafta disagree cos my niece Syifaa' still drinks from bottle.
  3. Decrease his Solid intake.

I already bought him a new bottle and Tommy Tippee's teat as well as Mothercare's Sippy Cup. Alhamdulillah he took to the latter very well. He had another sippy cup, you know the one with a thick spout to suck from but it was too much for him. This cup is not non-spill and is very flat and narrow so it was easy for him to drink from it. But so far i've used this for drinking water.

It so happened that last friday, we really ran out of food for both Adults and baby. No bread no rice no nothing. I was on leave but had an appointment for awhile and was supposed to buy Tufeil's lunch. Unfortunately, i got delayed and wasn't back for almost 2 hours. Tufeil at home must have gotten real hungry and finally drank his milk!! YIPPEEEEE!!

Yesterday was Monday and Mum reported that he didn't drink ANY of his milk either but that he slept a total of 3hours worth of nap. I didnt ask about how much food he had. I assumed he ate a lot.

Should I worry about this? I wanted to wean him off BM anyways. Maybe I'll get mum to make Formula milk in that new bottle or sippy cup. HMMMM....

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