Tufeil Sujud? & Other developments

Tufeil sujud ke kiss letter?

Masya'Allah. At 14months, He's at a stage where mimicry is the IN thing to do. He's always repeating what we say. His vocab has expanded so so much.

It is the nicest feeling in the world to hear when he woke up and said "Mummy." Yes he can say my name now. Also, his favourite phrase is, "Nak Susu" (Want milk). Even in the middle of the night if he came awake, he would say nak susu very clearly. LOL my mum say, "Your voice is soo gentle/sweet/soft. please stay that way."

Even words that we used to say but havent done so recently, he suddenly uttered them. Meaning to say that he may seem not to know something, but at the back of his head, the brain is storing information indiscriminately. Hafta keep reminding myself that we can't say or do unfavourable things we don't want him to do.

He's sick the whole of last week. At KK, he weighed in at 8.6kg. That's almost half a kg less than a month ago when he was sick last. He hasnt been eating well and he has been coughing A LOT A LOT! Even after 5 days of Vasican Syrup doesn't ease it. Right now, i've halted the meds. I'm thinking that the syrup is making him cough more than usual cos it sounds dry as opposed to phlegmy. *shrug*.

In any case, we have a KK follow up check up tmrw (Mon). So we'll ask them how to manage his cough.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Mrs Z said...

Is T any better now? Tak bring him to a PD?

Jussaemon said...

Just came back from KK and doc said that its normal for the cough to linger for awhile longer.

He's still coughing. If the sound of phlegm comes back, then need to restart the vasican syrup to make him cough up or vomit! ERGHHH.