Lateeeee Night Outing.

Sat 26th June 10,

Tufeil had a total of 4.5hours in 2 day naps. I was really worried if he won't sleep that night. Had an idea to follow mum & sis to the airport to send somebody off.

We went out at 9.30pm and only reached at 10pm.

Tufeil & Syifaa' playing ball while waiting to meet the rest of my sis's in-laws.
Sekejap dah besar lah budak ni! Look at his wobbly run and hear his babbles.

Later, we joined the rest of the group and there were many children. They were playing with the same ball too and Tufeil followed around albeit lagging behind. But it heartened me so to witness such a cute scene. I love that he could mingle with the other kids. Like, finally! I think? It's the adults that scare him, i would say. Can't wait to enrol him to playgroup!

The visitor finally went in pass the security at 11.30pm! And the kids were still as alive as ever! But, i started to put T in his stroller in the hopes that he could fall asleep in it and we could have supper in peace. No such luck. His eyes continued to roam around the brightly lit airport. And when we found another kid's playing area at the viewing mall at Terminal 3, he got down and played!

Shortly after, we stopped by at Coffee Bean cos they all havent had dinner yet. Although i already busted my $10/day budget, i felt that Tufeil would get cranky anytime soon and armed myself with a mudpie @ $5.50 *faint* Again, no such luck. He was eating the pasta well but by the time the mudpie came, he got restless and cried. I only got a few mouthfuls before i had to run over to this one very dark corner nearby next to the MRT to feed him to sleep. He quicky fell asleep in less than 5min. It was 1am. A BIG record for T.

We reached home 1.30am. And at 2am, i changed his diaper with little commotion! He rolled around in bed a bit but he didn't actually wake. THAT, my friend, is MIRACULOUS! Given Tufeil's history of waking with the slightest kiss/whisper by his well-meaning Titi (Ash) or even just turning on the lights.

Lesson learnt: get your child tired out before putting him to bed. (Warning: may not be applicable to ALL babies.)

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