Chix Mayo, Beef Macaroni & Hummus

25th May 2010.

Tufeil's Frozen food have all finished. So i'm making another batch....

I got started on Chix Mayo. This one i can now do with my eyes CLOSED. Just steam the chicken and carrot, blend with some of the water from the steamer and/or breastmilk and mixed with some mayo to give some taste.

The only thing i couldn't figure out was how to PULSE the chicken instead of blending it to a complete mush on a blender. Bcos if i blend for say... 5 seconds, the outer part gets reduced to nothingness, while the inside is still hard and whole. *scratch head* Help?

At the same time, i was also boiling some macaroni.

I've also bought an instant spaghetti sauce. and we already have a cooked minced beef sitting in the fridge. So all i had to do was blend the minced beef and put them all together. I also added some water from the chicken steam to dilute the tomato taste.

I wasn't sure if Tufeil will take to this. He usually has no problem if i feed him some tomato based pasta from Cafe Galilee. However, the next day mummy tried giving him, he refused it! =(

He doesn't like EGG mayo too. I usually hafta alternate between mouthfuls of egg mayo with bread and something else that i'm eating at the particular moment. And when he's distracted watching Mickey Mouse or something, i'll slip in the egg mayo. HAH. At least he'll get some protein from there.

Now, the next dish, though requires no cooking, is much more of a challenge. HUMMUS.

Official recipe reads:

1 can garbanzo beans (chick peas)
1/2 tsp tahini / sesame oil
1 or 2 cloves garlic,
2 tbsp Yogurt
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1 Green Onion chopped

Mash with fork, or lightly blend in processor. Add water if too thick.

My assembly to ingredients (minus the Cream)

Well, of course i can't find "tahini" in Cold Storage, so i bought Sesame Oil, instead. I'm sure its somewhat different. Replaced Lemon juice to LIME juice since that's what we have in the fridge. I didn't put Green Onion either.

My Blender is small so i had to divide it into two. Can you imagine dividing 1/2 teaspoon of something? I just used my gut feeling. PLUS my 1 tbsp of yogurt has a very generous helping. I don't know whether it's the chick pea or is it very tasteless when eaten on its own?

The end product.

It became rather sourish without no real taste. I definitely worry Tufeil won't eat it though he likes sour stuffs. We haven't tried giving it to him yet. Should i add some salt and olive oil? But it would be difficult to do that now that its all cubed and frozen.

Sighh... well... at least i TRIED.

And the most irritating part of cooking:

The Washing Up.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

Hmmmm, Tufeil's macaroni looks yummy! Our normal blenders normally need more liquid to pulse properly so yeah me too often end up mushing the food!
waahh, u can even make hummus now? Have Tufeil tried it yet? I suggest omit yogurt, add olive oil and roasted sesame seeds instead of oil to replace the tahini.

Jussaemon said...

In paper i dia make the hummus... but it tasted nasty! One night i was hungry and heated two cubes for myself. I added HOT paprika and salt for myself and it was still... REVOLTING. So i decided to dump the whole thing. Can't bear for T to taste it. hah

Perhaps, ill try again with your suggestions.