So how IS Tufeil?

Sat 28th Mar 09...

After i was discharged, we went to take a look at Tufeil.

He was on drip. Luckily, on duty was an Indian Registrar Doctor Pradeep Singh who is a very jolly doctor! He explained to us that firstly, it was noticed that the baby has difficulty maintaining oxygen in the body so was given oxygen in the cot.

Secondly, from blood tests, there was an indication that his digestive system wasnt working so well.. that leads to produce some acid in the body more than was necessary which only affects the body worse.This condition is called error in metabolism something or other.

So i was not able to breastfeed him. But having had a wonderful experience with the hospital's expressing machine, we immediately bought Medela's Mini Express Pump @ $193 with the help of 2 x $50 vouchers courtesy of 'Azma and Zubair's friend, Sumbal. The balance was a gift from my parents. Yayyy

At home, only a tiny weeny sticky bit of collostrum came out. I threw it away as there's no way we could collect n save it - its too little.

Sunday 29th Mar 09

I started my massage session today. I shan't describe more about it as the main topic here is Tufeil's health.

But at 1pm, my parents sent us to the hospital. There's no more new information except that he's responding well to the medication and antibiotics and that he's condition is stabilising. At least today we got to cuddle him for a bit.

Mon 30th Mar 09

Quickly got dressed to go to the hosp right after massage and rushing thru my Ubat Periuk also. YUCKS.

I got a shock when i came! There was a blue light shining above him. What now? Oh its just the jaundice the nurse said. The level was 215 the previous night and 203 that morning. Ohh ok jaundice im not so worried.

Today, or rather the previous night, he's started on 40ml of milk. The nurse said i could nurse the baby! Yayyy...

So behind the screen, we struggled to feed him. I dont know whether its because of the massage oil's smell or the taste of the baby wipes when he first got a lick, he screwed up his face in dislike and shook his head. But we tried again after that ok... But everytime he latched on, he would immediately go to sleep. SleepyHead like mummy. haha. He did manage a few suckles though, so we continued the rest with cup feeding him the supplement.

Today was also the day i was in much pain to move about having shitted like 5 times the previous day and started coughing. So scared to cough you know, dont want anything to rupture!

We also got his Birth Certificate done and the no is NICE! =) That also means that we've finally compromised to name him Tufeil Hussain Zubair as opposed to the previously agreed at Tufeil Zubair Asadi. Haha... At least i still get my Tufeil. Thank you very much.

At home, suddenly my milk flowed!!! Alhamdulillahhhhh The very first successful extraction was only 10ml tho. Subsequent two pumpings were 20ml for 30min work. But i was a happy mother! What a miracle, Subhanallah! I can now stop comments like "Any milk yet?" "Do you have milk?""How come no milk?" "Looks like u dont have milk" GRRRRRRRRRRR Altho now the comments are, "How much milk?" "Enough milk?"

Tues 31st Mar 09

I requested for a day off from Massage today to concentrate on feeding the baby.

So when i woke up that morning, i had a lot of time to get ready, express milk, prepare bfast for the hub and myself and go thru my yucky yucky medicines.

We reached the hospital just in time for his feeding. Today we got more proficient and we were a real team, Zubair and i. He helped me carry the baby, while i push in the food. The second session @ 4pm was even more successful Alhamdulillah.... I suppose it just takes practice and lotsa patience.

Also Dr Pradeep was on duty again today. We got a good news that they are no longer worried about his condition from the primary blood tests results that came back. There are two more secondary results waited to return but there shouldn't be any problem, insya'Allah. So now just waiting to complete the course of Antibiotics and those reports. His jaundice level has also gone down to 188. I was told by the nurse than once below 190, he can be taken off from the photolight.

So if things maintain the way they are, he should be able to come home on FRIDAY!!! YAYY Ameen. Alhamdulillah.

I would say that Zubair is a much better parent than i am. At least, where taking care of infants are concerned. He holds the baby like a pro, his instincts are also... just marvellous... He's the one who carried the baby (I dont dare to with all the wires n stuffs), he proactively sponged the baby with baby wipes seeing that the skin is dry... Fed him the cup feed and all that. He even stayed at the hospital till 9pm everyday when i had already gone back at 6pm catching a ride from my father.

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The 6 of Us said...

So happy to hear the good news that baby is back & well :-) While you're taking care of babe, don't forget to take gd care of yourself as well!