Breastfeeding scare!

I have been feeding him lying on the bed for sessions between 5am - 12nn.

As most mothers say they sleep while they feed their babes. Q: So does that mean they dont burp the baby?

I always feel guilty each n everytime the baby regurgitates. Q: Would they feel hungry again afterwards since the milk came out from their system?

Lately i noticed that after 10 min of feeding, Tufeil would get restless. He would push me away, but at the same time cries for milk!! Its very confusing for me.

Then last Saturday, I started training him on bottle cause i dont want to surprise him with the bottle on D&D night and he would refuse then i'd hafta go home!? Then he started snorting while i was feeding him. Then again the push away bottle but cries hungrily.

I panicked. We were alone at home and Z was in the toilet. Z told me to turn off the fan. but he still cried and i got crankier cos it was soooo HOT!!

I called mummy and she said she was on the way home.

When she got home and inspected baby...


It turned out that there was a HUGE HUGE TAIK HIDUNG (still dont know the proper English word other than nose shit) stuck in his nose!!! and on both sides of the nose too! He was 3.5weeks old then and we hadnt cleared it once! *sheepish grin* Sorry yeah first time parents.

He ate and slept better afterwards.

When Khairiah visited me at KK Hosp, her baby was into 4th week and she was so expert a BF-ing already. I was amazed.

Now that i'm at that stage too and i realise im getting better at it too. Though not as expert as she is, at least i dont need the nursing cream anymore. Weehooo... So it is NOT impossible.

Nan told me that she didnt think it was gonna be easy too... but it will get easier (no latching problems, no squirming babies) at 8weeks onward or something.

'Azma wondered if her baby would ever sleep thru the night. It was impossible for her to imagine but the day came. As for me, i dont doubt they can sleep thru the night as Tufeil can sleep 4 - 5hours at a go but during day time!! So instead i'm wondering if his clockwork would ever change to east coast time(or whatever)???

Just wanna remind myself, "WE CAN DO IT!" cheyyy bah.

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5 glasses of Juice:

widzgeek said...

Hehe i can't resist to respond this entry eh Ca!

1. Takdelah expert. But I think initially takut2 sebab baby too tiny? But then, in BF you have to be brave to explore the different methods so that baby gets the milk. At the moment, I am practising myself to find the most comfortable method of BFing him while on the go, meaning while shopping and BF at the same time (and that means walking. Yeap tried that so far few times)

2.InsyaAllah baby can sleep tru the night. U can try to feed him at midnite. So far, that's the pace Iman's in now. Paling2 he wakes up once like at 5am. If not he'll sleep tru and wakes u up for Subuh! If u nak ajar Tufeil, when he's sleeping you try to wake him up @ the 2nd of 3rd hr to tell him that day time is feeding time so he must wakey wakey.

Lol. I should have written all this eh in my blog yg dah lama berhiatus? hehe.. maybe I shd

Anonymous said...

yes yaya you should resurrect your blog and share, and record, ur precious experiences hehe :)

juls, i read about day and night confusion before... and yaya's right, tufeil may have that! maybe u wanna check it out? the book i have advise to wake baby up during the day as well, to play etc, so he sleeps better at night. elders will NEVER let you wake a sleeping baby though, so do it discreetly!

oh i had that feeling too whenever 'umar regurgitated. like such a waste right? try this trick; after a feed, burp him, then hold him on an inclined position for awhile to let the milk settle. again, i picked this up n some book. and no I don't burp 'Umar when he's fed lying down.. somehow if he falls asleep when feeding he doesn't regurgitate *shrug*

enjoy breastfeeding! in spite of the challenges its fun isn't it? take a week at a time... enjoy!

btw, taik hidung = booger?

Jussaemon said...

i've heard abt teaching the babe diff btwn day n night by turning off the light at night.. but in our room its the other way around. at day its dark at night lights on. no wonder the baby's confused! lol

Also the baby has stayed up all night, all i want him to do in the day is to sleep so WE cld get some sleep too haha.. but evening like aft 7pm, i will let him play esp w the family lah

Ashley said...

It's called "goober"? (I think!)

Jussaemon said...

NO WAY!! GOOBER is SOOOO the name of peanut butter & jelly (grape and/or strawberry)