Julissa + Zubair = Tufeil

Good news! Alhamdulillah, it was a surprise that the nurse told me Tufeil could be discharged last night. Thank god i changed my mind about resting at home. I actually had the option to discharge him that night and go to poly to check the jaundice level the next day at Woodlands Polyclinic or check the jaundice at the hospital that night and check him out the next day. Obviously, i went for the former since dad's already off work and going to woodlands poly is much nearer than all the way to Bukit Timah.

I have been prohibited to upload any pictures of the darling baby. Until after 40 days have passed. So you guys hafta either wait till then or see him for yourself hehe... - Email or sms me if u wanna come - So for the time being, i leave you with these descriptions of Tufeil:

Nose: Yes he has a high bridge of a nose but from the front the end looks like mine. (Hmmm is this descriptive enough? lol)

Cheeks: Chubby like me!

Hair: Soft & fine like mine but slightly wavy like Zubair's

Nails: Fingernails long rectangles like mine. Toenails short triangles like Zubair's

Lips: Beautifully defined shape like Zubair's masya'Allah but dry texture like mine.

He has very lean limbs. (i take it lean means... slim?) Zubair insists Tufeil's eyes take after his shape but i cant be too sure yet... can't quite make it out yet... even his eyelashes are not visible just yet.

Last night was very tiring for both of us. We came home like almost 10pm i think. by the time we settled down it was already midnight. By then, i've fed him twice already. Each time like not enough. at 3am nursed him again.... for 1hr!! but 30min after that he still cried. i gave him another 30min's supply and then he slept thru to 8am! Fooh! I think im finally getting the hang of BFing, hopefully.

This morning, Tufeil had his first official bath by the masseuse. Complete with flowers and all. After that, we went to the poly clinic and found out his jaundice increased just slightly to 182 from 175 the previous day. I was advised NOT to take any herbal things (read: UBAT PERIUk!!!) but to take in a lot of water as well as to give the baby some sun as is the practice.

After our first family outing, he slept for 3 full hours as so did we. and we all woke up refreshed. Looks like he's gonna be a true blue night owl. Hmmmmmmm

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6 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah! i'm so happy for the 3 of you, united at last!

its still early days, so dont worry if tufeil seems to want to nurse all the time, and havent yet developed a feeding/sleeping pattern. see the night feedings as him helping to stimulate your production for the next days, especially after so many days of separation. you're doing very well! alhamdulillah!

farrah said...

hahaha jus don't be too optimistic yet! the first two weeks or so they won't do much except sleep :) their proper sleeping patterns won't really emerge until about 2 months old :)

Jussaemon said...

hmmm yeah im thinking like poor baby doesnt he get bored being put to sleep aft each feeding? does he want some dose of internet or computer games?? lol

n seems like the pattern for now is feed for 1 hr, sleep 1 hr feed 1hr n sleep 1hr....

Nurulain said...

Omg congrats!! I just found out! Insyallah the baby will be fine. U take good care of yourself too k :)

Aisha M said...

Congrats Jus @ Baby Tufeil!!! very, very happy for u and Zubair :D. insha Allah u will both be great parents to Tufeil. sure Tufeil is a handsome baby kan?? :)

also interesting @ not uploading any baby pics til after 40days. is that a Pakistani tradition btw?? cos my close fren in NZ (also Pakistani) gave birth abt 2 mths ago and now that i think of it, she never posted any pics online too. she jst emailed me some pics few days after the baby was born (tho having said that, i was bombarding her wif like 5sms each day complaining that i want to see her baby! so mayb she felt sorry for me...hehe)

anyways CONGRATS once again and i hope u'll have a smooth transition to motherhood insha Allah. i also pray that u, hubby and Tufeil will get to visit Pakistan soon cos im sure his side of the family cant wait to see him aye :)

kiss baby Tufeil for me! :D

Jussaemon said...

hey sha. ive bn trying to like contact u on msn but u were nvr truly online! had no idea if u still folow my blog!

Hmmm its not really a nation wide practice but they r always afraid of this evil eye thingy, so anything tt might trigger it shld be stopped.