Stuck in Between

  1. One would say "bedung (swaddle) lah", the other, "his limbs need to be free."
  2. One would say "use lampin (napkin)", the other, "who's gonna wash?"
  3. One would say, "the fan's too strong, he cant breathe" but the other said, "he's hot lah"
  4. One would say, "Put on the hat for him" the other, "Its too hot" (the latter's the one who said fan's too strong)
  5. One would say, "Shape his head" the other, "That's so cruel!"
  6. One would say, "She will comment if i take him from her" the other, "He took him from me"!

And im stuck in between.

I can understand both points of view but i do whichever is easier for me. If u want it ur way, then do it urself.

The only things i have strong opinion about are:

  1. No need to give water to baby (even when hiccup?)
  2. Please dont use powder.

But i have no choice. If i ask for help, i should accept it the way its presented back to me.

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4 glasses of Juice:

widzgeek said...

As for bedung and limbs free. I use both alternately.. depending on the baby's needs. Kdg2 when limbs free, Iman susah nak tidur.. at times he senang nak tidur. Kalau bedung pun kita kdg2 bedung tangan je kaki kasi free.

Kdg2 kaki bedung, tangan free.. so tgklah keadaan ur baby tu.. He also needs the time to stretch, so during that time, you dis-bedung him..

Anonymous said...

i survived all these "comments" by going by mother's instinct. pple can give me all sorts of "well-meaning" advice, but if I don't agree I politely ignore. really, only YOU know best. really really. especially for breastfeeding mothers, i think we are very very tuned in to our babies needs and wants, insyaAllah.

Jussaemon said...

khair, ya ive ever done arms free but nvr purposely did feet free plak, altho usually the bedung untangles itself n gaathers at the tummy! LOL

Jussaemon said...

yes sometimes i just ignore but it gets diff when it comes from ur own mum!